Becoming a Chartered Accountant is no doubt a high-end career, but the route to wrapping it around your finger is an uphill battle (even more in Pakistan). That’s because the basic accounting expertise required to crack the CA examination is equivalent to the advanced level in Pakistan.

However, we are enclosing more details to disclose why this career is such a tall order in Pakistan. This way, you can weigh up the difficulty level and see if you can pursue this lucrative plus grind route to become a Chartered Accountant.

Why is CA so Difficult in Pakistan

Scholarly Material

As we know that Chartered Accountancy is an international course, the resources like textbooks, articles-in short scholarly material published by Pakistan, may not be as helpful as they should be. That’s when you need international academic aid to leverage their knowledgeable written content and start your preparation with it.

However, the techniques expressed in those textbooks may be intricate for you to figure out. That’s because the average accounting knowledge you get after your intermediate or A-levels may not be enough for you to comprehend the techniques written in the books by yourself.

Less Promising Guidance

Although Pakistan has various best institutes for CA, students might not get one-to-one guidance in such institutes. That’s because these CA institutes cannot concentrate on a single student among the entire strength of one classroom.

That’s why some students lacking even basic expertise to get the hang of the general CA subjects may find CA more difficult. In addition, there’s no good guidance for struggling students in Pakistan as a CA-recognized tutor. Even If you find one, they will have another classroom full of students where it is not possible to prioritize you.

Tough Routine

If you are working and studying for CA simultaneously, it can be a grind to cope with both activities. Becoming a chartered accountant requires your utmost concentration since every subject is accounting-based. You need to gauge various formats and techniques that need consistent practice to ace your CA exam. However, it may become tricky for you to manage your time and balance your work and study routine. In this regard, students in Pakistan who prioritize their jobs more than preparing for CA fail due to a lack of practice.


When it comes to the cost of becoming a CA in Pakistan, we can say that it may not be affordable for everyone. That’s because becoming a CA is not like any private examination where you can start with your preparation yourself and merely pay up a registration fee to appear in the test directly.

In contrast, becoming a CA first requires being recognized as a student with registration. You have to pay the fee for several purposes to ICAP.

Moreover, the fee institutions may also not be affordable for an average student in Pakistan. On top of that, even if somehow you manage to crack your CA, you will need a membership to leverage the degree, requiring you to pay more fees. Otherwise, your CA qualification will not be helpful.

Lack of Motivation

As CA in Pakistan is a tough road where students may encounter rising competition, they may get overwhelmed and give up in the middle due to lack of motivation. That’s because students underestimate themselves and back off after seeing a challenging pathway ahead.

Duration May Vary

CA is usually a five years certification course. However, the time limit to finish this certification is unclear and may vary. That’s why students in Pakistan tend to wear out after taking on a long road to complete this load.