Chartered accountancy is one of the most precious certifications in the field of accounting not only in Pakistan but worldwide. Many people think of such certification to be only about debit & credit. But, there is more to the story. There is vast scope of the chartered accountancy that is growing at expansive level. Chartered accountants shortly known as CA as the very important pillar of economy of a nation. As they are experts of finance, they have the capability to guide the country`s economy. They suggest various financial and economic measures for uplifting economy and boosting it up with genuine measures for industrial growth. CA`s participate in almost every field relating to economy and this can be better judged by rational persons. It could be about;

  • Tax planning
  • Capital budgeting
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Maintaining accounting records
  • Financing
  • Budget forecasting
  • Or any related activity

Chartered accountants have their impact in very field. The expertise they got is required at every level. Considering the current trending for implementation of new economic policies by the government, CA`s are helping the leaders by managing their vital role and ensuring implementation of proposed measures. From drafting of rules to managing their imposition, CA`s are the true asset for any economy.

Considering various field, CA`s play very important role. They have knowledge and expertise for every relevant field of accounting, auditing, taxation, ethics and more that enables them to form laws. Such laws are not limited to taxation or commerce but also expand to legal fields. CA`s are currently serving as committee members of many national committees.

As taxation is one of the most important fields in Pakistan and among major revenue sources, CA`s are playing commendable role in this field as well. You can call them the masters in this field. Their discernment helps them in tax planning, and to make measures for avoiding tax evasion. This helps to grab potential taxes that otherwise become uncollectable. Growth of commercial sector is of most importance in the economic growth of any country. CA`s provide requisite knowledge for smooth business functioning. From finance to taxation, the role of CA`s is most important as they have better knowledge and understanding of every part of economy and the factors important for its growth.