After qualifying CAF, students get confused in choosing the right subject combination for their CFAP first attempt. They often ask this question because they are worried that choosing the wrong subject combination will affect both their education and work.

Both work and college environments are totally different and newly inducted students need some time to adjust in the new environment. Students should not allow this thing to delay or take a break from their studies. They should not mix their studies and work nor should they give priority to one over the other.

It is advised that students should create a proper study plan and divide it smartly so that they can focus on both their work and studies.

An advisable division is that in the first six months students should study Advanced accounting and financial reporting & Business Management and strategy.  In the next six months, students should study Corporate Laws & Audit. For further six months students should revise these four subjects together and appear in the attempt.
In the next attempt students should choose Business Finance Decisions & Advanced taxation. In the third attempt, students should appear for MSA exams.

CFAP syllabus is very lengthy therefore students should revise it on a regular basis. At this stage, there is no tomorrow for them, they have to study and they have to work today.