Kudos to you if you have aced your papers of ACCA in Pakistan, but do you know what lies ahead for you?

Indeed, there’s plenty of opportunities in Pakistan after cracking the ACCA, but to choose what fits you best among various options is a stressful feat.

Although it’s on you to decide if you want to work or further study after your ACCA, the decision must be wise not to waste your efforts. That’s because after making it to the end, you do not wish to start over or get stuck in the middle after beginning with another spectrum.

However, to sprinkle some of our knowledge, we are penning down ways to help you leverage your ACCA qualification.

Things You Can Do After ACCA in Pakistan

Finance Jobs

When you get done with your ACCA examination, finance jobs can fall into your hands swiftly. That’s because becoming a qualified chartered certified accountant puts in expertise in you for holding the reins of financial affairs of organizations. In this regard, if you are thinking about starting a job after completing your ACCA, various finance jobs are at your disposal, such as:

– Finance Manager
– Financial Controller
– Finance Auditor
– Cost Controller
– Budget Planner
– Financial Forecaster/ Advisor
– Financial Director

Accountancy Professor

If you are not keen to take on the responsibility of handling the financial affairs of an organization, hop on to the academic niche. With the expertise you gained while preparing for ACCA papers, you can bring in more chartered certified accountants by helping potential students.

This can be done by becoming a professor for accountancy in any well-reputed ACCA institute where you can sprinkle your knowledge to potential candidates and make a substantive amount of earnings simultaneously.

Start Your Business

One of the pros for qualifying ACCA is to have expertise in finance to put in your business. If you are willing to start a business after ACCA, you wouldn’t need to hire another financial advisor, planner, controller to plan out the proforma financial statements for you.

You will have adequate skills to leverage them for your benefit. In addition, the riskiest aspect while starting a business is to hand over financial records to a third party. However, this risk eliminates if you vouch for being behind the wheels of managing and recording your business’s financial affairs by yourself.

Trader in Stock Market

As the trend of trading stocks makes rounds with increasing financial benefits, being a chartered certified accountant, you can also try out your expertise in trading.

Although getting a hold of trading knowledge requires you to be laser-focused, the skills you have achieved while preparing for your ACCA papers will likely diminish the trickiest part of knowing the nature of stocks.

In addition, although trading in the stock market is the riskiest practice, once you get hold of it, it can ensure your financial security.


One of the ideal options to pursue after doing ACCA is to go for your master’s. As ACCA is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree of four years, doing MBA will help you leverage the expertise at best.

That’s because getting a master’s title after completing your ACCA will put more influence on your reputation by polishing your existing expertise. In this regard, you can grab any prestigious job in a high-end entity.


If you wish to switch your career after qualifying with ACCA, there’s another option for you. You can become a corporate lawyer with adequate business expertise.

In addition, becoming a corporate lawyer after ACCA usually takes up three years to complete. So, you can put your accounting and business skills into practice to become a corporate lawyer.