Having an ACCA certification in Pakistan opens up doors of endless opportunities for you. These are not limited to the corporate world alone. With the skill set you develop while studying for the degree, you can pretty much do anything. This includes pursuing a master’s degree in a related field or becoming an entrepreneur. If, however, you want to work for a company, there are multiple roles you can take on.

If you want to know the jobs you will be the best fit for once you complete your ACCA qualification, read ahead. This blog will highlight all career roles for you.

Management Accountant

Most people who complete their ACCA in Pakistan move on to becoming management accountants. This mainly requires you to assess operations to prepare financial reports. These reports are extremely useful for long-term planning since they decide what the goals of an organization should be. The job revolves around measuring, assessing, and communicating a company’s financial information. This works well in favor of individuals who have the ACCA qualification because these are all skills they have been tested on.

Financial Controller

Financial controllers usually hold the role of senior executives in organizations. They overlook the accounting department and ensure that all financial records are well maintained and meet legal requirements. They also take over the job of budget processing and assess financial data to make key decisions.

Financial Managers

Financial Managers look after the financial health of an organization. Their job description is mainly conducting financial analysis, financial accounting, and management accounting. This is especially a popular role for individuals who have done ACCA in Pakistan because the best ACCA institutions in Pakistan make sure they emphasize on all three fields. The ACCA program is structured to make students capable enough of taking up these roles later.

Financial managers create financial forecasts for a company and oversee all assistant accountants preparing financial statements. They evaluate market trends to find out the best investment opportunities and ways to expand the business. Other than that, they are always taken on board when important financial decisions need to be made.

Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer of a company manages all the financial operations taking place. Their responsibilities mainly include budgeting, account reporting, and strategy planning. This means they look after the cash flow, employee salaries, and how different resources of an organization are allocated. Other than that, they constantly try to come up with strategies to improve efficiency by using their extensive financial knowledge and by assessing market trends.


An auditor is mainly responsible for examining an organization’s financial records. They are usually hired by big accounting firms to check if the records meet all legal requirements. Another area they specialize in is risk management. They get the confidence of investors by showing them audited financial statements.


In the corporate world, a treasurer ensures that an organization has the necessary capital to carry out its business operations. They shape the financial policies of companies and arrange funds. Other than that, a treasurer is supposed to know the correct way to analyze and assess financial markets so that they can take on the best investment opportunity.

The jobs mentioned above are just a few examples of the roles you can undertake in the professional world when you have an ACCA qualification. The skills you learn while pursuing the degree set you apart from other people and ensure that you will be well-fitted for any job that requires you to deal with financial information.