The internationally endorsed program, ACCA in Pakistan, can get you hitched to prestigious jobs regardless of being an official member if you ace the score. Although the career is accounting and finance-based, you are not confined to these options; you can widen the room for more opportunities.

Also, if you want to stick to leveraging the accounting and finance game, in that case, you can go for the CA or any other master’s option directly after completing your ACCA to get the hands-on advanced level in your preferable field.

However, we will specifically refer to the career opportunities you can get after completing your ACCA in Pakistan.

What Jobs are Offered After Completing ACCA in Pakistan

Finance Jobs

Although an ACCA qualification can indulge numerous job opportunities just because the degree specializes in accounting and finance fields, more promising careers can be found in those fields.

There’s a finance department in every organization, and these jobs will not evacuate anytime soon. It further necessitates Pakistan to have adequate expertise in finance. Any qualified candidate in an international program like ACCA will be a suitable candidate for any finance role in almost any sector. You can also expect the beginning average salary of 80k-100k in a reputable firm. Finance jobs an ACCA qualified can pursue are listed below:

1- Financial advisor
2- Financial executive
3- Finance manager
4- Assistant finance manager
5- Treasurer
6- Finance teacher

Accounting Jobs

If you crack your ACCA, accounting jobs are in your hands. That’s because the career is internationally endorsed, and all the accounting standards are taught to ACCA candidates to build up their expertise and skills. In Pakistan, you may not gain more knowledge about accounting than internationally standardized accounting techniques by studying ACCA. So, leverage the qualification by grabbing jobs like these:

1- Accounts manager
2- Financial forecaster
3- Cost and finance manager
4- Managerial accountant
5- Cost and finance teacher

Jobs in FMCGs

FMCGs or fast-moving consumer goods organizations seek candidates who are well aware of international accounting and finance standards to take hold of their financial or managerial options, especially international FMCGs. However, unfortunately, very few qualified candidates get the positions in the reputable university with the highest grades.

Jobs in MNCs

Multinational firms in Pakistan have a minimal acceptance ratio, and that too for the candidates who have leveraged qualifications from abroad or any other highly reputable institution of Pakistan. However, the ACCA qualification opens the doors of such an organization for you since the program is highly considered in MNCs to take hold of their finance and accounting affairs. You can start the position from a junior post and gradually climb up the ladder.

Counseling Jobs

When you have adequate expertise, you can also avail of an opportunity to sprinkle some of them to potential candidates. You can either become a financial advisor/counselor in any reputed firm or a student counselor for ACCA candidates.

Public Jobs

Apart from private job opportunities, ACCA candidates have a broader room of options in the public sector. Government jobs like public financial administrator, income and sales tax manager, FBI jobs, FIA jobs are all available for ACCA candidates.

Teaching Jobs

You can also skip all the organizational involvement and indulge in teaching jobs in any ACCA global-recognized institution. That’s because only an ACCA qualified person can teach in the recognized institutions of ACCA in Pakistan.