Chartered Accountancy is a degree that gets thousands of applicants every year. These numbers are enormous, considering the level of difficulty of the degree. One reason to explain this is the countless opportunities a chartered accountancy degree can offer you. What makes it distinct is that the jobs available are not restricted to Pakistan. The distinctiveness lies in the availability of global career opportunities for CA abroad, making it a compelling reason to pursue this profession. Therefore, pursuing a chartered accountant degree is a smart move. When you enter the international job market, not only will companies be looking for your skillset, but the degree will ensure that you are well prepared to take on the tasks expected from you. The need for accounting experts is likely to increase by 7 percent by the year 2030.

Throughout your chartered accountancy certification, you can test your understanding of accounting, finance, economics, and communication skills. Having studied a wide range of subjects and getting to develop their knowledge allows you the freedom to pursue a career in all these directions. So, you are not restricted to one particular career path. If you want to know the CA abroad job opportunities available once you become a CA graduate, read our blog. We have highlighted all potential prospects for you, keeping in mind the scope of your degree.

Top Career Opportunities For CA Abroad


One of the most popular CA abroad jobs amongst accounting graduates is auditor. The job description involves analyzing the financial records of a firm and screening them for accuracy. You are supposed to match all the balances with transfers and check their reliability. There are many types of auditing roles you can take up. This includes working as an auditor in a company, being an external auditor, working for the government, or being a forensic auditor. If you want to take up a career in auditing, you should be aware of all the responsibilities. The general expectation will be systematically organizing financial statements, checking their compliance with laws, and filing taxes. You might also be expected to advise the management regarding financial decisions. The average salary of an auditor is expected to be around 60,200 dollars.

Financial Analyst

As students pursuing the field of chartered accountancy, many of you might have a goal of becoming a senior financial analyst at a company. If that defines your CA abroad job prospects, make sure to woke on the following skills because they will make your journey easier:

– Project Management
– Learning how to solve problems
– Group Work
– Taking up leadership positions
– Effective Communication

All the skills mentioned above are imperative because becoming a senior financial analyst will require you to take up leadership roles, and these are all essential qualities for that. As far as the work of a financial analyst goes, they look at a company’s financial health. Once done with that, they guide the said company in making the best investment decisions in the current circumstances.

While this is majorly what they do, the task of a financial analyst can vary depending on the company they work with, making this job more flexible than others. If gathering data, financial modeling, and maintaining spreadsheets is something you are excellent at, this might be the best career path for you. The average salary this position offers is 94,500 dollars.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

A chief financial officer is the most critical decision-making individual in the company since what they decide can make or break the firm. This is why this position demands only the best in the field. While the job description for a chief financial officer might vary in different companies, the crux of it is the same. They are responsible for developing business strategies, risk management, and financial management. Since they have most of the financial control, their decisions have large stakes. One of their key functions is implementing revenue strategies and seeing the financial risks and opportunities in any decision-making process.

To become a chief financial officer, you need to be well-qualified. Most companies have significant requirements for this role. That is why it would be in your best interest to consider getting postgraduate degrees such as a Master of Science in Accounting or a Master of Business Administration. This might seem like an extra hassle, but the payoffs make it worth it. CFOs are among the highest-paid individuals in the accounting field, with an average salary of 177,500 dollars.

Financial Controller

With a chartered accounting degree, you can also become a financial controller. Financial controllers are individuals who overlook the accounting department at a firm and make all higher-level financial strategies. If this is a career path you plan on taking, then you might be interested in maintaining financial statements and payrolls. Adding on to this, you will also have the task of preparing the company’s budgets to see if they comply with all tax laws. To become a corporate financial controller, you must have relevant experience in business forecasting and managing taxes. The average salary of a financial controller is 107,000 dollars.

The skills required to take up this job are as follows:
– Excellent knowledge of accounting
– Analytical Skills
– You must know how to use different financial software
– sound communication and leadership skills

If you need to improve in any of these areas, start working on them while pursuing the chartered accounting degree. This will put you one step ahead of your competitors and open more career opportunities for CA abroad.

It is usual for any student to need clarification over the ca abroad job prospects that will be available with their degrees. If this is something that often worries you, remember that accounting is one of the most sought-after careers globally. To put yourself ahead of your peers, try to work on your hard and soft skills so that you are prepared for what is to come when you enter the job market. While we have put forth the most popular jobs accountants worldwide take up, you are open to these. Try to research on your own and see what career opportunities for CA abroad are the best fit, given your capabilities.