People usually have questions about the training and its rules for CA. We would like you to know that although there are hard and set rules, there are certain exemptions as well to help the people that do CA in Pakistan.

What is CA?

Chartered Accountancy is a degree that principally centers around the review and confirmation, money bookkeeping and detailing, the managing, and applied money or tax assessment.

Training Period

Students who have enrolled under the full plan with the help of the CA Institutes in Lahore or in other cities, after fulfilment of initial two levels (AFC/CAF), the training period would be 3.5 years. In the event that the student is enrolled under the Trainee system based on long term Graduation/Post graduation from Specific Degree Awarding Institutes, the preparation time frame would be 3 years. However, if the student is enrolled in other Graduation including Associate Degree Holder, the preparation time frame would be 4 years.

Registration Period

Students will have to send their case to the Examination Department when the probation starts. When the two month probation period ends, the training contract will have to be sent to the Examination and Training Development within one month.

Transferring of Training

If one wants to transfer their contract to the other organization then they can do so with the agreement between the trainee and the Training Organization. The students will have to pay for the transferring fee. The student must apply for the NOC from the MRS of the training organizations. After this the NOC will be given on the request within three months. The trainee should leave the very next day for the other organization and provide the training contract within 30 days.


Female students may take a break from the training for up to 1 year due to marriage or pregnancy. Whereas, after consultation with MRS the male students can take a break for 6 months.

Other Major Points

Students must apply to 15 CA firms for the training. The qualification measures for CA trainee in Training Organizations outside Practice and Training Organizations inside Practice are something very similar.An individual might be temporarily enrolled as a trainee where authentication or level of pre-essential capability is anticipated in a typical course. Students can not get enrolled under the scheme and show up in tests while they are holding on to get articles.

These are some of the rules and guidelines that can help the students understand the training of CA. The exemptions, the training period and the transferring or the training are a few regulations that you must understand of CA training.