Finding the right educational institute to begin your education journey is a challenging job when it comes to studying CA or ACCA courses. Besides the quality of education, you are also looking for practical experience that meets international standards and qualifications. So, which institute would be the best accountancy college in Lahore?

PAC takes pride in being the leading institute among the accountancy colleges in Lahore, ranking for its professional teaching staff and training services. PAC stands out from the other chartered accountancy colleges in Lahore due to its excellence in maintaining quality education that is globally recognized.

An accounting degree unlocks the door to new career opportunities in CA, which is considered a significant milestone in Pakistan. In this blog, we will discuss the top accountancy college in Lahore to get you on the course of becoming a chartered accountant.

Why is PAC the Best Accountancy College in Lahore?

PAC is the best ACCA institute in Lahore, Pakistan, and it stands out from the rest of the accountancy institutes in the region due to its professional training services. PAC is prominent not only for its qualified faculty and quality of education but also for its commitment to excellence, ethical values, and a state-of-the-art learning environment. Here are some insights into what PAC is as the leading college among top CA institutes in Lahore, Pakistan.

PAC is the Pioneer of Teaching Accountancy in Pakistan

PAC takes pride in being the first academic institute in Pakistan, which was established in 1987 with the aim of providing quality education across the region. Since the beginning of its journey, PAC has been focused on providing quality education with up-to-date practical experience from the field of commerce and accountancy. With an overall experience of 35 years, PAC stands out as the most experienced and oldest as compared to other accountancy colleges in Lahore.

Prominent Achievements in Accountancy

PAC also stands out as the most coveted accountancy institute in Pakistan, where students have been awarded over 65 gold medals and 170 certificates of Merit in the ICAP exams. These achievements by the students make PAC the best ACCA institute in Lahore, Pakistan. Compared to other accountancy colleges in Pakistan, PAC has achieved the highest level of achievement in the field of accountancy.

Qualified and Experienced Faculty

PAC aims to provide the best quality of education in the field of accountancy and commerce. Being the leading college among top CA institutes of Lahore, Pakistan, PAC has the most highly qualified faculty of chartered accountants with years of experience. The practical approach of PAC’s faculty towards teaching chartered accountancy allows students to understand and apply the accountancy course content more precisely.

Refined Testing System

PAC has the most refined testing system with an overall experience of 33 years. The PAC testing system prepares students for more than just passing the exams. Students get to resolve and brainstorm on real-life problems to understand the practicality of chartered accountancy. In addition to that, PAC has established its own publications under the name Ishfaq Publishing Company (IPC), which has published an extensive range of books under its name.

Online Accessibility

Learning has become more innovative with the advancement of technology, and PAC has maintained its excellence in remaining up-to-date by maintaining its online presence. PAC has maintained its online presence with complete resources for topical lectures and study material for students who wish to study online. With the complete set of resources, students can learn more feasibly at their own pace.

The online platform of PAC also provides complete details of the test results and attendance details and also gives students access to mock tests to prepare themselves for the final exam. With the online learning material and portal accessibility, students can easily keep track of their progress from anywhere, anytime.

Professional Grooming

The faculty members of PAC greatly invest their time and effort in the grooming of students to not only have a strong command over chartered accountancy but also help them develop interpersonal skills. PAC contributes to the professional grooming of students by conducting regular seminars, workshops, and training sessions.

PAC also conducts ‘Mind your interview’ in which the interview-taking skills of students are enhanced so that they can crack interviews and provide concise answers to questions. This activity prepares students for consistently performing well and securing top spots in the top firms of Pakistan, like Unilever, FBR, and revenue departments of the Government of Pakistan.

Scholarships for Students

PAC provides a number of needs-based and academic scholarships for students, which assists them in continuing their journey to become chartered accountants without worrying about financial issues. These scholarships provide a bridge for students to continue their journey with PAC hurdle-free.

On-Campus Services

Students get 24/7 access to libraries at the PAC campus, with spacious classes for those who wish to get on-site training. PAC’s training facility, classrooms, and computer labs are all up to date with the latest technology equipment to maintain excellence and teaching standards for students that are superior to other chartered accountancy colleges in Lahore.

Approved by Globally Recognized Institutes

PAC stands as the best CA coaching institute in Lahore, and it has earned approval with the following accreditations.

  • Approved Computer Based Examination Center of ACCA (UK).
  • Approved Learning Partner of ACCA (UK).
  • RAET of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP).

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for CA at the Top Accountancy College in Lahore

In order to apply at PAC, you have to meet the following eligibility criteria for CA.

  • Must have completed at least Intermediate (FA/FSc/I.Com) or equivalent education level.
  • Must register with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) to become an affiliate student.
  • You must pass the ICAP admission test.
  • You must pass the intermediate examination administered by ICAP, which is a prerequisite for CA.


Why choose PAC for your accountancy education in Lahore?

PAC is the leading accounting college that stands out from the rest of the institutes for its experienced staff training and commitment to ethical values that are maintained in its professional learning environment. Over the years, PAC has secured the most certifications in Merit and gold medals compared to other accountancy institutes in Lahore.

How does PAC prepare students for the CA examination?

The refined testing system of PAC and the online mock test preparation allow students to remain prepared for their exams. By accessing mock tests for preparation, students learn how to prepare for the CA examination by finding the right problems and questions.

How does PAC’s accountancy program compare to others in Lahore?

PAC has an overall 37 Moreover; PAC offers a School of Online Learning that allows students to learn and maintain their career in accountancy with live interactive classes and a comprehensive portal.

Why Should You Choose to Study CA in Lahore?

Studying chartered accountancy in Lahore keeps you in touch with the vibrant business community, and you can easily get on a potential career path without much of an exploration.


Finding the right institute to continue your career path is necessary. When it comes to CA or ACCA, the top accountancy college in Lahore is PAC, as they have the most experience teaching ACCA and CA in the region. If you have recently completed your FSC education and you are looking forward to making a career as a chartered accountant, then submit your inquiry form to PAC to start your journey towards success.