The field of Accounting and Finance is one of the most promising career options out there, and every year many students apply to be a part of it. It is common for Chartered Accountancy aspirants to wonder if CA is difficult in Pakistan. If you are about to start your journey with Chartered Accounting or are a student mid-way into the degree, you probably already know the exams have a high difficulty level. Sometimes students might even have to take multiple tries to pass.

 While this might be fine for most people, some students make passing exams in the first go an utmost priority. If you categorize yourself as one of them, read this blog. We have compiled all the tips you will need to pass your Chartered Accountancy exams in the first go. 

Make a realistic timetable

Making a realistic timetable is one of the essential study tips for passing a Chartered Accountancy exam. The word realistic here implies making a schedule that you know you will be able to stick to throughout the academic year. For example, if the optimal study time for you is eight hours, then the best thing to do is to keep study hours in a day to a maximum of nine. 

Try to understand your pattern of learning. If you are a hard worker, put in more hours into studying. If, on the other hand, you are an intelligent worker, then make sure the hours you put in are spent learning something to retain the information. An advantage of setting realistic timetables is that you will be encouraged to follow your schedule. If your timetable is according to your ability and retention level, you can easily follow it. You can establish a natural rhythm and routine; when that becomes the norm, it will be easy for you to follow. 

Revise Course Content Everyday

For every student who wonders if CA is difficult in Pakistan, one of the most prominent reasons is the massive workload and syllabus. If you do not practice the concepts you learned in class every day; then there is a chance it will start piling up. If you start before exams, the content will be too much, which will lower the retention rate. Revising also helps you build more confidence, which is extremely important for CA. These exams are famously known for having a time crunch and low CA passing ratio in Pakistan. This makes students panic and do poorly on concepts they were aware of. If you revise everything you learn in class daily, you will be sure to know most of what comes up in the exams. 

Form a Study Group

As CA students struggle to understand concepts and practice them, it is best to form study groups with a group of people you know can help you revise. One of the biggest reasons students get demotivated while practicing for a CA exam is that once they get stuck on a complex problem, it takes them a long while to get done with it. This can be prevented when you are studying with someone. This is because you will not be alone. The person you are paired up with can help you crack the problem, and when two or more people work on a problem together, it will get solved relatively quickly. Even more than that, it allows you to assess how everyone else is preparing so you can see where you are lacking. 

Moreover, revising concepts together helps you fill in gaps in your understanding of the concept. Another significant benefit of working in groups is that it leaves little room for you to procrastinate. If everyone around you is studying, you get the motivation to do the same. Especially for exams like Business Communication and Company Law, having someone to go over concepts with and quiz on can be a huge advantage. 

Solve as many Mock CA Exams as Possible

The last and most significant tip for passing CA exams in the first go is to do as many past papers as possible. The past papers will give you an idea of the questions you should expect in the exam. It can help you identify gaps in your preparation. You can use this to determine your strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies accordingly. Since Chartered Accountant examinations are a race against time, if you time yourself during mock exams, you are sure to do the actual exam on time. You can find relevant study resources on the website of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. 

While CA is difficult in Pakistan, it is very much possible. The CA passing ratio in Pakistan is low, but hundreds of students pass every year. The key is to remain focused and keep the tips mentioned above in your mind. If you do this, rest assured you will pass your CA exams on the first attempt.