Doing an ACCA certification can be challenging for people with no prior experience in the field of accounting. Studying for exams not only demands a lot of effort but requires you to be persistent. Even when you put your all into preparing for ACCA, the result turns out to be different from what you wanted.

If you are an ACCA newbie who is finding it hard to concentrate or is looking for ways in which they can make sitting for exams easier, we have you covered. For your ease, we have compiled all the important tips students will need to pass the ACCA exams in Pakistan.

Make A Structured Plan

The first thing you need to do as an ACCA candidate is to decide the number of exams you want to appear in. Once you do this, think of how much time you need to give to prepare for every exam. Make a timetable where you give yourself more time to work on subjects that you might not be the best in.

However, make sure that you are simultaneously studying for subjects you are good at as well. Otherwise, you might forget their content. Try to get done with the entire syllabus one month before the exam. This will give you plenty of time to revise all subjects before your exams take place. Also, remember to set realistic targets for yourself so you remain motivated.

Register For The Exam Early

Registering for the exam early is a great way to encourage hard work within yourself. As soon as you register, you become more serious about studying because appearing for your exams starts to feel like a reality. If you register at the last minute, there is always a risk of you not getting a seat. Other than that, early registration would create within you the drive to plan ahead because you will have a clear idea about the time you have left.

Make Use Of Resources Available

There are many resources available on the internet that you can make use of. The ACCA website and student accountant can be of great help if you are looking for past papers or general tips. Make sure to learn from the past papers available. Go through them and try to solve them. Read what the examiner has to say about every question. This allows you to gauge what their general expectation for your exam would be. You can also find ACCA online classes, which can help you understand difficult concepts.

Group Study

ACCA is generally difficult so the more help you have while studying, the better. For this reason, studying in groups can be a good idea. This is especially helpful in making you realize the concepts you are not entirely clear about. Also, group studying keeps your motivation level high because instead of being stuck in a question and coming to a standstill, you try to solve it together.

Moreover, group work allows you to discuss important concepts and you get to know any tips your peers have been following. An exchange of ideas and suggestions provides you with different angles from which you can approach a question. This is why the best institutes for ACCA always encourage group projects.

Even though ACCA might feel like a daunting thing to take on once you start, if you make a good schedule, keep practicing, and follow all the tips mentioned above, you can easily ace the exam.