Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is considered to be relatively easier to Chartered Accountancy in perception. However, is it really? There have been numerous students who have found it hard to excel at ACCA too and it surely is not considered an easy qualification. From time crunches to the inability to truly understand the concepts, there have been many hurdles. However, there are ways through which ease can be attained. These tips underneath will help any student prepare better and pass their exams with good grades.

Tips About ACCA In Pakistan

Plan Ahead

One of the great ways to nail ACCA exams is to not start their preparation in the last few months. The moment you start your course, that moment, you should start preparing. Keep visiting your preparation every day and revise every day. No matter how busy you get, you must not ignore the preparation. Besides, when we say a plan well, we mean it. Calculate the number of days you have till the exam date and then divide your syllabus and personal assessments as per it. In short, you need to know how much you have to study every day while keeping a date in mind regarding the end of preparation.

Past Papers

One tip every ACCA professional would agree on is that preparing well is only possible through past papers. You cannot just memorize everything in the syllabus since you would not know how to practically solve it. Use past papers, examiner reports and sample answers to benefit you. Practice them every day without any cheating. When done, compare your answer to the solved answer. This will greatly help you understand the areas where you might be weak. Moreover, practicing past papers also teaches a lot about time management, understanding and reading capabilities. The faster you understand, the earlier you finish.


There is a thing called study-life balance. You need to achieve that. For that, you do not need to study all 7 days a week. If you do that, you are most likely to get burnt out which is a barrier to learning. Thus, always take time off. Have reachable targets for every day and achieve them. Then rest out for the remaining day so you are ready for the next day! Besides, students who are working alongside doing ACCA, should study a few hours a day but with a plan. For example, they can set a target of a certain number of papers every day.

Last Few Hours Before Exam

If you are just hours away from your exam, a very important aspect is to relax and prepare properly. If you have prepared enough, you will be more confident about your preparation and thus, worry less. However, there are different approaches suited to different kinds of people. Some focus on their notes, some on crucial formulas and definitions while some like to do a broad revision. It is up to you as only you know your weak spots.

If you are pursuing or want to pursue ACCA in Pakistan, these tips will greatly help you throughout the preparation of ACCA. Do not worry, aim high and you will be good to go!