After qualifying CAF, the majority of the students start their firm induction process. They make the induction process their first priority. This approach is wrong. They cannot prioritize one over the other. A balance has to be made between studies and work life.
All CFAP subjects are very lengthy therefore students are advised to start studying as soon as possible regardless of whether their firm training has started or not. Studying early has many advantages such as better preparation and not letting your firm training affect your studies.

Day to day life in a firm?

Articleship is all about learning, and with time the learning keeps on increasing hence demanding more time of the student. Before coming to the solution let’s picture a day in the life of a newly inducted student.

When a student joins a firm, the workload is easily manageable in the start. However with time, the workload increases. Students get to learn new things and as mentioned earlier, with increase in learning, students get more engaged in the firm activities and are left with little time to focus on their study.


The right time to start CFAP classes is in the first 3-6 months after completing your CAF final exams. Keeping a balance between work and studies gets difficult with time therefore it is advised to students to start their CFAP classes right after their CAF qualification so that they can study and work simultaneously with the same amount of dedication and energy.

Students should set up goals along with a written study routine. Students should study in the morning before their office.

Moreover, those students who are registered in PAC’s CFAP Silver Jubilee Package have the option to repeat any subject in any attempt for free if they want to revise any missed topic due to work or personal commitments.