Every ACCA-certified student has a future full of success, but only if they utilize it in the right way. Most of the ACCA-certified students are unaware of their value and make the mistake of turning themselves into lifetime slaves. Most students are worried that they will make the same mistake of not utilizing their ACCA certifications in the right way.

Making the right decision with your ACCA certificate can open all the right doors for you, and you can find exciting roles all around the globe. If you are worried that you won’t utilize your certification in the best way, we will tell you some tips about using your ACCA certificate the best way:

Deciding What to Do

Completing ACCA is hard but what is more challenging is deciding what to do after ACCA. However, this problem arises with every degree, but with ACCA certification, there are various options that you can opt for and fields that you can go for. Fortunately, there are just three questions that can help you decide what to do after completing ACCA in Pakistan.

1- Ask yourself what you want to be doing in ten years, whether you want to be working for a big audit firm or want to start your own firm.

2- What is that you are interested in or what is that you are good at, whether you are good with finances or auditing. Go for something that interests you.

3- With an ACCA certificate, you do not necessarily have to go to the field of finance; you can pursue a vocation of law or management.

After you answer these questions, you might figure out the answer about how you can use your ACCA certification in the best way.

The Best Ways to Utilize ACCA

Start Your Own Firm

Almost every ACCA student starts hunting for a job at a good company after completing ACCA, forgetting that they themselves are a walking business. You do not necessarily have to work for a company or have to gain experience before starting your own firm. As an ACCA graduate, you are already experienced in audit, finances, taxes, accounting, and in every aspect of the business that is used in running a firm. You can start your consulting firm or work as a Financial advisory for various companies. Moreover, you can even work as a freelancer in Pakistan or overseas.

Go For Law

Students who are doing ACCA are not aware that things do not stop for them after ACCA. In fact, an ACCA certificate combined with a degree in law becomes more substantial and opens more job options for you. If you are a student who is interested in the field of law, too, then doing a three-year law course might be the best option for you after ACCA.

Having a degree in law and a certificate of ACCA will give you deeper insight into the work of corporate and will make you more efficient working in the field. Furthermore, it gives you a chance to jump to a position of senior-level management. Remember that learning does not stop after ACCA. In fact, you can keep increasing your knowledge after ACCA.

Opt For Business Development

When you are done with your ACCA, you can choose from a host of career options to pursue. With an ACCA certificate, you open doors to numerous opportunities. One of these career opportunities is business development. After you have an ACCA certificate, you are eligible to work for a business to develop their strategies and generate more revenue for them.