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The CA branch has the following departments:
•    Assessment of fundamental competencies (AFC) department
•    Certification in Accounting and Finance department (CAF)
•    Multi-Subject Assessment (MSA) and Certified Finance and Accounting Professionals (CFAP) departments
The Professionals’ Academy of Commerce (PAC) has a robust system to assess student’s progress and provide them feedback which is based on activities like class attendance, class tests, test exams, term exams, student’s performance report, revision classes, crash courses, mock exams and special referral tests. Students are also assigned different coordinators to provide them assistance and solve their queries. To maintain the quality standards the faculty members are also evaluated on a regular basis.

Deciding which career to choose is one of the most significant hiccups in the way of the success of students. They either have a lack of information about the career options they can choose from or are unaware of their interests and preferences. To eliminate this obstacle , PAC conducts career counseling seminars regularly where it tries to guide the students of accountancy and assist them in choosing the right field matching with their competencies, skills and interests.
Our specially designed career counseling seminars are also devised for the same purpose and have generated excellent results in creating awareness among a large number of students. PAC also makes special arrangements to accommodate the seminar requests from different institutes. Guest speakers, along with ICAP members are also invited to enhance the productivity and quality of sessions.

Teacher assistants are available from 8 am to 5 pm to guide the students and assist the teachers. It is an energetic team of PAC students who are enthusiastically performing their duties, including creating lesson plans, documenting progress and overseeing lesson preparations. These students have a sound knowledge of their relevant subjects and are well equipped to solve the queries of their fellow students.

Administration department is the backbone of an organization. It is the link between an organization’s various departments and ensures the smooth flow of information and operations.
PAC is equipped with a highly capable and motivated administration department that looks after facility management as well as the day-to-day routine of all PAC Campuses in order to maintain the provision of optimum level of facilities to Students as well as faculty & staff members. Mainly administration department consists of the following sub-departments:
1.    Security
2.    Repair & Maintenance
3.    Admin General

At PAC we have strong believe on student’s potential in extra curricular activities. To polish the skills of the students, we have a separate Department of Students Affairs.