There really isn’t much comparison when it comes to your life during CAF & your life during CFAP. By now, you’re a part-time student at college and a full-time (well, almost) employee at your firm. So your study routine, your study pattern, and your class structure require you to evolve. Once you’re at a firm as a trainee, your life begins as a junior then a semi-senior, and then a senior bringing new challenges at every stage so your learning curve is steep. Balancing your studies along with your firm commitments, therefore, is of utmost importance. Completing your CA within the time period of your article ship is key.

CFAP Packages

Many times, the nature of work will mean you’d miss classes and, sometimes, complete sessions. So the unlimited repeats option offered in your CFAP Silver Jubilee package becomes very important as you can opt to study the same subject in continuous sessions until the time of your first attempt comes around. And for students taking a certain subject for the first time, the option to avail certain lecture recordings of physical classes missed is truly a blessing. To go along, the option to study with the most highly qualified faculty in Pakistan for all subjects means you’re able to study at one institute and reap the benefits that come along.