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Along with our on-campus classes, PAC also provides the provision of online classes. Introducing Live and Interactive Classes. Since our mission is based on the premise of quality education, these online classes are designed to the best of teaching and student experiences. Study material, lectures and other resources are uploaded regularly on our LMS system. These resources are topical and showcase the best of learning for students. Our system is also designed to provide the most efficient yet effective online testing system through which students will be able to manage quizzes, exams and other performance-oriented scores. PAC School of online learning has enabled students to break geographical boundaries and being able to learn online making it easier for students to focus on their studies online through the most convenient platform.
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Classroom learning is no longer a concept attached to a physical space in a specified setting with x number of students or teachers today; the advancement of technology has allowed classroom learning to evolve and to grow past the needs of physical settings. We at PAC strongly believe in contemporary ways of teaching that can enhance the learning of our students and provide students with a platform where they can study according to their needs during flexible time periods.
We have therefore initiated the PAC School of Online Learning; an online platform where students have access to live and interactive online lectures, class recordings, online tests, mock examinations along with regular feedback from specialist teachers trained to impart education online. While the idea of online education is not novel in Pakistan, SOL is the first distance learning program that offers live and interactive sessions. Thanks to the flexibility of the online format, the online PAC courses can be taken anywhere, anytime which is a plus for students with busy schedules as well for students who cannot visit the campuses regularly. Henceforth, passionate students who want to gain a qualification in accountancy but do not have access to PAC’s campuses because they live in remote areas, or overseas, or cannot leave their houses regularly otherwise, have a very convenient option available for them to pursue their careers and dreams

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