ACCA in Pakistan is a promising course, and students can pursue a better career in the accounting field with the qualification. However, you are obligated to crack the eligibility criteria before beginning with it in Pakistan. In this regard, we have put together information regarding the structure of qualification and requirements for ACCA in Pakistan that you can eyeball before enrolling for it.

Qualification Requirement


The eligibility criteria of ACCA merely require you to hold a matriculation or intermediate certificate or any equivalent qualification endorsed by British Council Pakistan. Students holding a matriculation certificate need to have at least 50% of passing marks, and the same goes for intermediate students. Although for international high school qualified students, you need to have 45% marks with O2 and A3 papers cleared at least.

However, you can also start it after completing your bachelor’s or your Foundation Diploma. If you begin ACCA qualification after Foundation Diploma, you can skip the Applied Knowledge part and directly jump on to Applied Skills.


To be a qualified student member of ACCA global, students need to pay the substantive amount of fee for their registration along with following:

Registration and Subscription Fees

Initial registration fee: You need to pay Rs. 1800 but it is only paid once before registration.
Re-registration: You need to pay Rs. 3,560 in case of a late registration fee.
Standard Annual Subscription 2022: The fee costs Rs. 27,840 to upkeep your subscription annually.

Other Requirements for ACCA for Students in Pakistan

ACCA in Pakistan qualification structure mandates students to crack Foundation Diploma initially. That involves seven exams in total. You are obligated to clear all of them to fulfill the Foundation Professionalism module online. The papers of the Foundation Diploma of ACCA are interlinked, so it mandates further to pass each to have enough knowledge for the next one. For example, if you clear the papers stated below in a sequence, it will prepare you for forthcoming papers such as:

Recording Financial Transactions (FA1)

Management Information (MA1)

Maintaining Financial Records (FA2)

Managing Costs and Finance (MA2)

Accountant in Business (FAB)

Management Accounting (FMA)

Financial Accounting (FFA)

Fulfilling all the defined requirements to complete Foundation Diploma builds up a robust substratum for Pakistani students before jumping on to ACCA qualification. And once you are done with your Foundation Diploma, you can directly prepare for ACCA qualification. However, these requirements are exempted for those pursuing ACCA after completing their bachelor’s.

Why Do Students in Pakistan Need to Pass Foundation Diploma?


If you are wondering why you need to crack the foundation level first. In that case, students who start ACCA preparation after completing their matric or intermediate need to have a substantive amount of knowledge and expertise in accounting to delve into the ACCA field. The Foundation Diploma is like a screening test for ACCA qualification and here’s why you need it:

1- Sharpens Knowledge for ACCA Qualification

Not everyone can enroll and start with ACCA qualification. The Foundation Diploma works as a pre-evaluation program to assess students’ finance and accounting capabilities to make it to the ACCA qualification level.

2- Begin at Any Level

One of the Foundation Diploma advantages is that you can start it right after completing your matriculation or intermediate. This way, you will have the vision to build up the strong accounting and finance skills needed for ACCA qualification.

3- Start Earning from Finance and Accounting Jobs

A Foundation Diploma before ACCA will get you promising job opportunities in the accounting and finance field at the junior level. You can start earning substantively and get hands-on experience with accounting and finance jobs beforehand.