Whenever a question is asked about the working category of accountants, there are answers from mixed thoughts mainly focusing on independent auditors and tax agents. However professional accountants perform varying functions from vast divisions that are not properly understood and often forgotten. Whether it is an internal auditor, CFO or independent director of a company, they all are professional accountants that work in the business. Apart from such roles, these professionals perform wide array of other tasks in varying business categories in NPOs, public sector, academia, professional or regulatory bodies. In their diversified work nature and experience, one thing is the main contributor, i.e. their accounting knowledge. Professional accountants ensure quality of the financial reporting. They come to frontline to safeguard the financial reporting accuracy and integrity.  They defend this quality by verifying the digits from the source of figures and numbers. Just like those in auditing or taxation, professional accountants play crucial roles for overall progress and stability of the society.


Professional accountants are competent enough to handle the business counting and contributions. Being the invaluable asset for any company, they employ skepticism towards the financial reporting details of the company. They use their skills and understanding about the company with its surrounding and ask challenging queries. As they are trained in accounting, they follow an objective and pragmatic approach for resolving issues. Accountants are of great importance especially in medium & small organizations as they are often the only qualified persons professionally in that capacity.

In business, accountancy professionals help in devising corporate strategy by providing advice & assisting for reducing costs with improvement of top line tasks and mitigation of risks. They are often part of board of the directors where they represent owners` business interest. In that capacity their role includes:

  • Governance of the organization for example approval of budgets & accountability towards performance of the company
  • Appointment of CEO and determining compensation of management

Being CFO, they perform oversight of all finance related matters of the company. These tasks include

  • Creation and division of strategic direction for the business
  • Analyzing, developing and communication of the financial information

Professional accountants act as internal auditors where they provide assurance regarding governance, internal control procedures and risk management. They provide guidance for areas where enhancements are required. Public sector professional accountants devise and shape fiscal policies focusing entire economy. In academia, accountants are provided with tasks of imparting knowledge, ethical underpinnings and skills regarding profession for upcoming generations.