Chartered accountancy is one of the prestigious certification in Pakistan. It develops accountants and experts that are working efficiently for the betterment of economy. Chartered accountants shortly known as CAs are providing their services in the fields of audit, tax and consultancy along with serving major management roles in high profile organizations. CAs also work in firms where they learn practicalities and may even start own firms or businesses. When we consider the global aspects they have the opportunities for working in the multi-national corporations including FMCGs, banks, oil refineries and those under commercial organizational labels. CA serves its professionals best. ICAP is the regulatory body of CA professionals in Pakistan. Currently ICAP members and students are working worldwide at prominent positions.

In order to be a CA, one need to study hard and study smart at the same time. There are students who are doing jobs since start of their CA education or who prefer taking classes while at home. In order to resolve this issue of students and Jobies, PAC introduced the concept of distant learning. This facility was warm welcomed by students and Jobies equally and now there are large number of students enrolled in online courses offered by PAC. PAC is the leading institute of CA studies and stands out among all in serving its students at its best. It has large numbers of merit certificates and gold medals on its name. Students rely PAC a lot, because of the quality education it provides.

PAC has the credit for setting up online classes with their online campus. If you opt these online classes, you can stay anywhere in the world and still be regular in your studies. They have best online faculty, teachers who are the gurus of CA subjects. Initially the scope of online courses were limited but now they have extended it to all levels of CA including

  • AFC
  • CAF
  • CFAP

Apart from CA, PAC also offers online education for

  • ACCAs
  • AFD
  • CFA

Students from worldwide can join these classes and manage their studies.

In comparison with regular classes, online classes are at the same level. PAC online classes provide quality study opportunities for students of each level not for CA but also for other courses. It is a great option that must be availed if you don’t want to join regular classes being physically present there or you are doing job and your work hours don’t allow you to attend the class.