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Established in 1987 by the founder of PAC, Mr. Ishfaq Ahmed, Ishfaq Publishing Company was inaugurated with the vision to provide quality accountancy books to the students. It was a commendable progressive initiative of the period, given that students did not have any authentic study resources available at that time.
All IPC books are authored by the tutors of PAC. Students regularly give feedback to the teachers and their feedback is incorporated in the subsequent editions of the books. This helps us provide the best study material for students.
IPC has published ‘Revision Kits’ on all the papers of CA-Inter which incorporate specific questions of last 15-20 years of ICAP exams and some chosen questions of PAC tests which make them a genuinely profitable hotspot for the understudies for their exam preparation. It has likewise published ‘Study Texts’ on the more significant part of the CA-Inter papers which are famous among the students of CA. IPC publications put valuable content in its every new publication. Student survey concludes students feel confident while utilizing IPC publications for their test preparation. IPC distribution network covers all the urban communities of Pakistan including Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Peshawar and Lahore.

Ishfaq Publishing Company (IPC) is the oldest publishing house of Pakistan in the field of CA education and a symbol in production of quality study and exam practice material for more than 20 years. This was started by Mr. Ishfaq Ahmad (Late), FCA (Founder of ‘The Professional’s Academy of Commerce’) in 1990. Since then IPC is publishing the books and material for the students to help them in this tough and lengthy education.

IPC started its workings by publishing the solutions of ICAP exam attempts and today it is in a very well organized, developed and structured form and its publications are considered as an authentic and reliable source by the students and professionals.

IPC has published ‘Revision Kits’ on all the papers of CA-Inter which include selective questions of last 15-20 years of ICAP attempts and some selected questions of PAC exams which make them a very valuable source for the students for their exam preparation. It has also published ‘Study Texts’ on most of the CA-Inter papers which are very popular not only among the students of CA educations but also in many other professions. IPC is also very keen and conservative in updating all of its publications and adds some value in every next edition. Students seem very confident and hopeful while using any of IPC publication for their exam preparation. IPC distribution network covers all the major cities of Pakistan prominently Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Peshawar and Lahore.

IPC is now working on CA Final (CFAP & MSA) study texts and revision kits.


AFC-1 1200+ MCQs Functional English 6th Edition
Study Text Functional English 5th Edition
AFC-2 1100 MCQs Business Communications 5th Edition
Study Text Business Communications 5th Edition
AFC-3 1750+ MCQs Quantitative Methods 7th Edition
Study Text Business Mathmatics 2nd Edition
Study Text Business Statistics 3rd Edition
Question Bank Quantitative Methods 1st Edition
AFC-4 900 MCQs Information Technology 5th Edition
Presentation Skills 11th Edition
Writing Skills 3rd Edition
CAF-1 A Handbook of Introduction to Accounting 2nd Edition
CAF-2 A Hand Book of Economics and Finance 4th Edition
CAF-3 Question Bank Business Law 5th Edition
Study Text Mercantile Law 3rd Edition
CAF-4 Study Text Business Management & Behavioural Studies 5th Edition
Question Bank Business Management & Behavioural Studies 2nd Edition
CAF-5 A Hand Book of Accounting and Reporting – I 7th Edition
CAF-6 A Hand Book of Principles of Taxation 3rd Edition
CAF-7 International Financial Reporting Standards 21 Edition
CAF-8 A Hand Book of Cost & Management Accounting 7th Edition
CAF-9 Question Bank Audit and Assurance 2nd Edition


CFAP-2 A Handbook of Corporate Laws 7th Edition
CFAP-4 A Handbook of Business Finance Decisions 10th Edition
CFAP-5 A Handbook of Advanced Taxation 2nd Edition
CFAP-6 Question Bank Advanced Audit & Related Services 1st Edition

1 AFC-1 1200 + MCQs Functional English 5th EditionMR. TAHIR ISHFAQ
2  Study Text Functional English 5th EditionMR. SOHAIL ZAFAR RANA
3 AFC-2 1100 MCQs Business Communications 5th EditionMR. SOHAIL ZAFAR RANA
4  Study Text Business Communications 5th EditionMR. SOHAIL ZAFAR RANA
5 AFC-3 1750 MCQs Quantitative Methods 7th EditionMR. KHALID JAVED & MR.MR. IQBAL RASOOL SHAHID
6  Study Text Business Statistics 3rd EditionMR. KHALID JAVED
7  Study Text Business Mathematics 2nd EditionMR. TARIQ AWAN
8  Question Bank Quantitative Methods 1st EditionMR. TARIQ AWAN & MR.KHALID JAVED
9 AFC-4 900 MCQs Information Technology 5th EditionMR. KHAWAJA WAQAR
10  Presentation Skills 11th EditionMR. TAHIR ISHFAQ
11  Writing Skills 3rd EditionMR. TAHIR ISHFAQ
12CAF-1A Handbook of  Introduction to Accounting 2nd EditionMR. SAJID SHAFIQUE & HAFIZ MOHYUDDIN TAHIR MAHMOOD
13CAF-2A Handbook of  Principle of Economics 4th EditionMR. SOHAIL AKHTAR & MR. IJAZ BUTT
15CAF-3Question Bank Business Law 5th EditionMR. ASAD ULLAH JAVED & MS. HUMA AHMAD
16 Study Text Mercantile Law 3rd EditionMR. ASAD ULLAH JAVED
17CAF-4Study Text Business Management & Behavioral Studies 5th EditionMR. SOHAIL ZAFAR RANA
18 Question Bank Business Management & Behavioral Studies 2nd EditionMR. SOHAIL ZAFAR RANA
19CAF-5A Handbook of Financial Accounting and Reporting – I 7th EditionPAC
20CAF-6A Handbook of Principle of Taxation 3rd EditionMR. MOHSIN NASRULLAH
21CAF-7International Financial Reporting Standards 21th EditionMR. HAFIZ MOHYUDDIN TAHIR MAHMOOD
22CAF-8A Handbook of  Cost & Management Accounting 7th EditionMR. SALAHUDDIN & MR. MIRZA ALI HASSAN
23CAF-9Question Bank Audit and Assurance 2nd EditionMR. ASIM NAZIR SHEIKH
24CFAP-2Study Text Corporate Laws 7th EditionPAC
25CFAP-4Business Finance Decisions 10th EditionPAC
26CFAP-5A Handbook of Advanced TaxationMR. BILAL AZHAR
27CFAP-6Question Bank of Audit, Assurance and Related ServicesPAC