One of the highly rewarding careers in Pakistan includes profession of chartered accountancy. Those choosing this career get excellent employment prospects in local companies, audit firms, local & foreign banks and multi-nationals. Chartered accountants enjoy unfolding opportunities with increase in number of corporations realizing the criticality of ethics, good governance and professional values. Not only in Pakistan but also abroad there are affiliations for chartered accountants of Pakistan. Such affiliations can earn you additional certifications of foreign countries via claiming exemptions and giving few or zero papers. Have a look at some affiliations for chartered accountants of Pakistan as managed by the ICAP:


IFAC stands for International-federation of accountants. ICAP has affiliation with IFAC. This affiliation has increased the collaboration among countries already affiliated with IFAC. Together with other affiliated organizations, IFAC and ICAP promote competence & high quality of exposure for chartered accountants. Affiliation with IFAC has provided global competence via adherence with the international quality standards as approved by IFAC. Members of IFAC work for promoting & developing best values & practices.


CAPA stands for the Confederation of the Asian & the Pacific Accountants. Coordination of ICAP with CAPA helps in augmenting standards of accounting. It also advances profession via promoting synchronization of IASB and IFAC standards.


SAFA stands for the South-Asian Federation of the Accountants. This federation serves as the regional platform for chartered accountants. Being the active member, ICAP collaborates with SAFA to provide an active accountancy platform for the member bodies of SAARC.


ICAEW does not need any intro. ICAP has signed a MoU with the ICAEW where ICAEW provides exemptions to ICAP members for certain exams of professional stage. Under this MoU, ICAP members are also exempt from training requirements of ICAEW. After completion of exams of the advances stage plus an ethics module, ICAP members can get ICAEW membership.


Chartered accountants can also get equivalency for Canadian CA certification. For this, ICAP members need to get experience of 12 years and go through EvE program. Via this route, they are not required to appear in any exam.