ACCA, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, is one of the biggest educational organizations in the world. ACCA offers a widely celebrated certification; Chartered Certified Accountant. You’re probably familiar with this certification and the many perks Chartered Certified Accountants have access to after its completion.

Most people think of ACCA qualifications as relatively dry and perceive them as uninteresting. However, there are numerous things about ACCA that even those that aren’t familiar with the field may find fascinating!

Here are our top picks for the most interesting facts that you never knew about ACCA. Let’s discuss!

Interesting Facts That You Never Knew About ACCA

4 Interesting Facts that You Never Knew About ACCA

1- Known (and Loved) All Around the World

ACCA qualifications are globally recognized; in 180 countries! So even if you get the ACCA in Lahore, your qualifications are valid all over the world. This means you can practice your craft in hundreds of countries. This is excellent if you want to travel without abandoning your profession and source of income.

This gives ACCA grads the liberty to go practically anywhere in the world and land decent employment along with all the perks that come with Chartered Certified Accountant jobs!

2- The Numbers Speak for Themselves

You might know a few people that are pursuing an ACCA in Lahore, but the number is much bigger than you’d imagine! Currently, there are 200,000 members of the ACCA community around the globe. Moreover, there are 500,000 students of ACCA certifications across hundreds of countries. We bet that number is surprising!

The numbers prove that ACCA holds widespread, global appeal that speaks to the quality of the organization and program itself.

3- No Age Limit

ACCA has no age limit! Which means you can start pursuing the certification at any age. Previously, due to the Mature Student Entry Route (MSER) rule established by ACCA, the eligibility age was 21. This was done to give students the liberty to pursue a certification as demanding as CCA without worrying about other academic obligations.

Typically, students graduate from undergraduate degrees by the age of 21. So when they’d be done, they could pursue the CCA qualification. However, as of January 2011, the MSER rule was done away with. Now, students of any age can apply and begin their ACCA journey! No matter how young or old you are, you can start obtaining your Chartered Certified Accountant qualification.

4- Highly Desired by Employers

We’ve discussed how many people all over the world are pursuing ACCA qualifications or have already obtained their certification. However, let’s talk about how ACCA looks to prospective employers around the globe.

It’s a well-known fact within the business field that to obtain high-level positions in the finance world, you need to have the right qualifications. The ACCA program is celebrated around the world and is the certification of choice for numerous powerful people in many big companies.

Needless to say, ACCA qualifications are in high demand with employers, especially from the best institutes for ACCA in Lahore and around the world. These certifications are seen as highly challenging, therefore the assumption is that anyone who succeeds in completing it must be intelligent, skilled at finance, and a hard worker.