What is the importance of an institute for students? All four levels of Chartered Accountancy require consistency in terms of academics and for CFAP students who are already sailing on two boats, an institute helps them maintain a balance between both the boats by offering them a professional faculty for all subjects under one roof. So how does having a pool of professional faculty help you?


There is no better learning than learning from experience. Having a pool of professional teachers for all subjects in one place makes things easier for students as this professional pool of teachers has experienced this sail themselves. Been there, done that.

Moreover an institute organizes academic meetings after every session in which all faculty members agree on course coverage plans that are beneficial for the student. This unity creates a perfect learning environment for students and motivates them to excel.

faculty meeting
Counselling Section


When studying from an institute, you automatically develop a connection with the teachers as you will meet almost the same faculty members in all four levels. They know you better, they know the areas where you lack, therefore they guide you in the best possible way to overcome any sort of shortcomings that can act as a deterrence in your path to success.

Conselling SectionFaculty meeting held at PAC 27/5/21


At CFAP level where you are already burdened with articleships, it is advised to follow a defined study plan and to start from the very first day. An institute makes that possible for you. As soon as you complete your CAF final examinations, classes for CFAP start.

At PAC, you find it all, from academics planning to session wise faculty meetings, from professional counselling to a pool of highly experienced faculty to learn from, you just name it. So pick an institute that will help you along the way.