Chartered accountancy CA is an authorized accountancy degree. A chartered accountant is someone who is a certified accountant and whose post is authorized by the law. A chartered account is an agent of trust between the company and the law imposed by the government. A chartered accountant is hired to maintain checks and balances over the industry. A chartered accountant audit company’s account’s book and check for corruption or insider trading. A chartered account can be hired by a government to verify a company or by a company to review its audits. A chartered accountant holds a greater post than a normal accountant but with a greater post comes greater responsibility. To play its part with the law a chartered accountant has to go through several tests and training. Chartered accountancy is accounted for as one of the toughest testing systems. To pass through this testing them one has to have a clear knowledge about all its fields. To do it is recommended to have training from a top ranked tutor in a top ranked institution.

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Trained faculty at PAC

Professionals Academy of Commerce (PAC) is an institute that offers professional and best faculty for CA with specialized education.  PAC offers quality education and a dedicated learning environment. PAC’s alumni platform proves its assurance of excellence and professionalism. PAC inculcates ethical and moral values in its student and faculty.

PAC offers all 4 levels of CA namely assessment of fundamental competencies (AFC), certification in accounting and finance (CAF), certifies accounting and finance professional (CFAP), multi subject assessment (MSA).  PAC offers a range of skilled tutors and examiners in each course. PAC offers 24/7 library access and guidance. Faculty of PAC administers student progress and trains them through class assessments, term examinations, zero weeks, crash courses, revision sessions, mocks examination, punctual in class attendance. They also provide student’s progress reports so that the students can access their performance.

It is due to this strong and skilled faculty that PAC has is known to have the highest number of distinction holder students. PAC is skilled in providing the best support and guidance to its students. PAC has a proficient training system for its faculty and evaluates them regularly.