Most CA students in Pakistan decide to become chartered accountant after 12th grade. Therefore, it will be suitable to assume this is the most crucial stage where individuals have to decide what they want to do in the future and the route they want to take. Similarly, for CA aspirants, this is when most students discover all there is to know about becoming a chartered accountant. This is made more accessible by proper guidance and mentorship. 

Read ahead if you want information on pursuing this field and becoming a chartered accountant after the 12th class. This blog will give you a complete overview of the path ahead. 

What do Chartered Accountants do?

Before any student can decide if they want to become a chartered accountant, they must have complete knowledge regarding what the people in this field do. To put it briefly, a chartered accountant in Pakistan is responsible for auditing and financial accounting in an organization. Apart from that, they also give individuals seeking their help expert opinion regarding laws and regulations. So if your interests lie around accounting, auditing, and finance, this career path is the one for you. 


You should meet the eligibility criteria to be a chartered accountant after the 12th. In addition, grade 12 students need to have at least 50 percent marks in their degree, which can be FSC, FA, or A-Levels. 

Institutes and Regulating Body

CA institutes are present all over Pakistan. So you do not need to worry if you are looking for the best institute for CA in Sialkot, Faisalabad, Lahore, or Islamabad. Not only do these institutes ensure you have all the necessary knowledge for passing your exams, but they also provide excellent career counseling and guidance. An example of one such institute is PAC. We make sure the education provided is affordable without compromising on quality. Other institutes include the SKANS school of accountancy and the College of Financial Education. 

The legal authority when it comes to CA in Pakistan is ICAP (Institute of Chartered Accountancy Pakistan). ICAP has the authority to grant degrees and decide all CA course details. In addition, it conducts exams and is responsible for deciding the course outline and structure for all chartered accountancy students. 

Entry Test

If you want to enroll in a chartered accountancy institute and do the said certification, then there is a need to appear for the entrance test called the Quality Assessment Test. This test is entirely digital and computer-based. It tests your English, Math, and analytical reasoning skills. You must ensure you pass this exam within three tries or get disqualified from the certification. Once you pass the QAT, you are officially eligible to become a CA student and sit for the exams. 


If you enroll in a well-reputed institute for chartered accountancy in Pakistan, they will introduce you to all CA course details. An institute will also try to help you complete the certification in about five years. After that, you will have to sit through 21 different exams. The first thirteen years usually take students two years to complete. The remaining papers get cleared after you complete your auditing internship at an organization under the supervision of a professional chartered accountant. 

Many students dream of becoming chartered accountants, but due to a lack of guidance, they need guidance to know how they should go about it. While CA in Pakistan is hard, it is also a degree that provides immense opportunities and opens doors to a successful future for you. Make sure you research all relevant information before you join the field.