If you think that becoming a certified accountant will fall into your hands by cracking papers of ACCA in Pakistan, then think again.

That’s because you need to avail of membership in the association of chartered certified accountants to get your exam results utilized.

However, the pathway to grab the opportunity to be an ACCA member in Pakistan holds up qualifying for a series of requirements that you need to cater since the ACCA global aligned the partnership with ICMAP.

So, without further ado, let’s weigh up if you are eligible to be an ACCA member in Pakistan.

The Process of Becoming an ACCA Member in Pakistan

ACCA Global online platform had come up with adjoining ACCA with ICMAP (Institute of cost and management accountants of Pakistan). That’s why students need to undergo the process mandated by the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan to become certified accountants successfully. In this sense, we have put together the process of becoming an ACCA member in Pakistan.

How to be an ACCA Member in Pakistan

Route to ACCA Membership

To start with a journey of making it to the ACCA membership list in Pakistan, you will be required to qualify two criteria mandated by ICMAP that are:

1- EPSM: Ethics and Professional Schedule Module of ACCA and its assessment.

2- IPE: ICMAP Pathway Examination.

These two mandatory requirements are the initial steps to secure the place for making it to the final ACCA membership in Pakistan.

However, the criterion underpins potential candidates who will prove their up-to-the-mark technical and professional skills with the above assessment and examination.

Significantly, the IPE testing is a four-hour examination, and candidates get to take this test twice a year. Moreover, you can prepare for these tests with online ACCA in Pakistan.

How to Apply to be ACCA Member in Pakistan

The process of becoming an ACCA member in Pakistan starts with availing of ICMAP membership. You need to fill out the Direct Membership e-form, which is issued to the ICMAP members every year, and submit it on the email member@icmap.com.pk with the required documents such as your ID card and a letter of good issued by ICMAP recently.


If you own the ICMAP membership and fellow recognition FCMA, you can book your spot on ACCA membership in Pakistan. Additionally, there are some other requirements that you will need to fulfill, such as:

Active membership of ICMAP with up-to-date requirements.

No breaching record of ICMAP’s rules and regulations.

Qualified membership of ICMAP.

Any candidate fulfilling all the above requirements will be successfully eligible to appear for further IPE and EPSM assessments screening.

Moreover, in the case of failure of your first attempt of IPE, you can re-attempt the exam, which occurs every six months in a year.

But if you have managed to pass the Ethics and Professional Skills module and assessment, you would not be required to re-take the IPE exam.

If any changes are made to the syllables, you would be obliged to appear for the second attempt for taking the IPE test.

Fees of Membership

Candidates holding the membership of ICMAP will be required to pay the registration fee of EUR 350 for entering the initial steps of EPSM and IPE. After making the payment, you can eligible put your technical and professional skills into tests.

In this regard, if you successfully manage to crack both tests, then an email with an annual subscription and membership invoice will be sent to you. The membership admission invoice costs EUR 129, and the yearly subscription fee is EUR 258.