Chartered Accountancy in Pakistan paves way for a successful career like no other. This certification is administered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. When it comes to employment, there are many opportunities available including but not limited to a career in banking, finance department in firms, tax departments, and multi-national companies.

If you want a career in Chartered Accountancy but are not sure how you are supposed to apply for it, read ahead. This blog will serve as a guide to the application process.

What Makes You Eligible?

There are two routes you can take to enter the CA program. The first one is the full-time scheme and the other one is the trainee scheme. For the former, you need to have completed your intermediate with at least 50% marks or A-Level with three passed subjects. After this, you appear for a CA entry test. If, however, you have scored a 60% or above in intermediate or got a D grade or above in your A-Level, you do not have to sit through this exam. For the trainee scheme, you need to have a bachelor’s degree with at least 45% marks or a master’s degree in any field.

Entrance Test

Most of the students who want to apply for CA in Pakistan will have to sit through an entrance test which is the Qualifying Assessment Test (QAT). This computer-based test consists of three main parts, which are English, Math, and Analytical Reasoning. You can only appear in the QAT three times.


While applying for CA in Pakistan, it is important to keep the structure of the program in mind. The first few courses are going to be an assessment of fundamental competencies and will be a test of English, Business Communication, Information technology, and quantitative methods. The next 8 papers are going to act as your certification for the field of Accounting and Finance. This will be followed by Certified Finance and Accounting Professional exams. Lastly, there will be 2 papers that will be Multi-subject Assessments. The structure is designed to ensure the education provided is holistic and covers all important aspects that would be needed in your practical life.


The best CA institutes in Lahore have training as part of their program to give students hands-on experience in the said field. It requires students to do an internship or be a trainee at an organization to get experience. The training program is dependent on the route a student took to become a chartered accountant. It is different for individuals who enter the field through a full-time scheme as compared to those who enter through the trainee scheme.

The former will complete their first two parts of the program and then start their training with an organization. For people entering through the trainee scheme, they can start off with training first and, after that, complete the four parts of the CA program.

While CA in Pakistan promises unprecedented opportunities, it is difficult and requires a lot of hard work. If you are willing to put in the hours and are driven to achieve new heights, this might just be the perfect career path for you. If you are a CA aspirant, this blog will help you understand the eligibility criteria and inform you about courses so that you have a clear idea about the program.