Chartered Accountancy is a widespread field in Pakistan, with many students applying for the qualification every year. Auditing is one of the most common career paths people choose once they become certified accountants. During the degree, they get enough exposure to auditing to decide whether they are interested in it. You can assume its importance from how there is an entire subject dedicated to auditing. To become a CA, you must pass the CA final audit.

Since this is an essential subject and perhaps the most technical one, many students find themselves looking for tips to score well in their auditing exams. For this purpose, the following blog will contain all the necessary information and relevant points to keep in mind before attempting your paper. 


Practice Manual

The most important tip you can get for your auditing exam is to go through the practice manual properly. This means strategically going through every chapter and topic and then solving their questions. This will give you an idea of what you should expect in the CA final audit. If you are well prepared for any question, you can tackle the problems they give in exams. Moreover, if you go through the practice manual, there is less chance of panicking during the exam. Use reference books and clear all your misconceptions. Then go through the practice manual and solve as many questions as possible. By the time of your exam, you should have solved your manual at least four times. This would ensure high retention and will make remembering easier in exams. 


Try to Use Technical Terms 

The best way to show your examiner you are aware of the relevant course content is by using technical accounting jargon mentioned in audit resources. You can do this by listing these words and going through them regularly. The more specific terminologies you use while drafting your answers, the better the impression your examiner will have. In addition, make sure you attend all auditing CA final classes that find their purpose in helping you prepare for the exam. Your instructors will tell you all the technical terms you should remember. 


Showcase Professionalism in your Paper

Once you pass these exams, you will become a professional chartered accountant. Therefore, it is essential to showcase professionalism through your paper so the examiner knows you are ready for the practical part of CA. You can use professional language in your exams and present your answers in a way that catches the examiner’s attention owing to how systematically the paper has been attempted. A few ways of doing this are as follows:

– Use language that you read in books. Try to keep the words you use similar. That does not mean rote learning them but understanding the concept and then applying the word where relevant. 

– Making your answers readable and easy to follow. Try to highlight the critical points so that the examiner can tell you have a good understanding of all concepts just by skimming through your answer. 

– If the answer asks for a suggestion, be specific. For example, write down your same opinion. 


Attempt all Questions

Many students face a time crunch during their CA final audit, which is why they leave a few questions. The best advice we can give you is to practice questions continuously during preparation and time yourself according to the exam. If you do this, your chances of leaving a question unattempted will reduce significantly. In addition, if you solve the entire paper, you have a greater chance of maximizing your marks and scoring a more significant number. Finally, even if you need clarification about the best way to approach a question or need help remembering the answer, you should write down anything relevant that you can remember about the concept. This will allow you to score partial marks for the problem if incomplete. 


If you are taking your CA final classes and doing the relevant practice questions side by side, you should be good to go for your CA final audit. Keep the points mentioned above in mind and show your examiner you have extensive knowledge regarding the subject. You will undoubtedly score well in your final exam if you do these.