ACCA in Pakistan is being adapted by students to the extent that over 35000 candidates have signed up to be recognized as students with ACCA global platform.

In this regard, If you are one of the students intending to dive into an ACCA career, then you should know that you need to register yourself on the platform first. Moreover, in case of preparation, various ACCA-recognized institutes are offering online ACCA classes in Pakistan for students where they can enroll to prepare for the test.

Either way, you don’t have to go anywhere to find out how to start with the procedure; we have put down a guideline for you.

Register for ACCA Online

Registration Process for ACCA in Pakistan

While registering for ACCA in Pakistan, there are specific criteria that potential students need to check off the list to initiate the process, for example:


Students with intermediate or Matric certificates are eligible to apply only after having 50% and 45% in the final score.
Students with O/A Levels can only apply after passing (three papers in O Levels and two papers in A Levels) with 50% and 45% in the final score.


Matric and Intermediate certificate for board students
O/A Levels equivalence certificate for students with an international qualification.
Documents to be submitted must show your national identity.
All documents are mandated to be in English.

Other information:

There’s no requirement of the prior educational score for applying for Foundation in Accountancy (FIA) qualification.
The above-stated educational requirements are implied for students applying for ACCA qualifications.
ACCA Accounting Technician Aprencticehip is open qualification for all with no prior educational certification requirements.

How to Apply

ACCA registrations are commenced twice a year, in April and October.
You must pay a registration fee online to complete the application at the end of the registration.
The registration fee is PKR 10,620, paid only once.
After the registration is completed, you will get a confirmation code on your email address or phone number.
After confirmation, you will get an email with your student portal link on ACCA global after a while.

Fees Associated With ACCA Registration

ACCA is an international qualification, and the rates may be more than usual for Pakistani students.

The registration fee for students of ACCA is PKR 10,620, only paid once. However, students who missed a deadline to pay the registration fee are obligated to re-start the procedure and pay the registration fee again. The re-registration fee is PKR 21000.
To keep your recognition with ACCA global as a student, you are mandated to pay an annual subscription fee every year which costs PKR 27,374.
Students enrolling for ACCA for the first time must pay a first-year subscription fee of PKR 13,700.
ACCA per paper fee is PKR 18000.
ACCA also allows exemptions for students who passed similar courses in their previous education.

How to Apply for Online ACCA Classes in Pakistan?

Students are mandated to only study with learning partners and recognized institutions with ACCA global to prepare for the ACCA examination. That’s because the ACCA-recognized institutions in Pakistan are aware of the terms and conditions, policies, learning material, and standardized examination procedures. In addition, the tutors in the ACCA institutions in Pakistan are also members of ACCA global.

There are various ACCA institutions in Pakistan offering online classes for remote learning. You can apply to any of those institutes through their webpage.