We will not sugar coat it for you; CA is a pretty challenging course, and more patient to make it to the end. Cracking CA might be a hassle if you were not a top-drawer in your previous academic performance. However, past performance does not always define your present dedication. So, if you are willing to dedicate the efforts now, you still need average grades to be qualified for the criteria.

How Can an Average Student Crack CA

7 Tips for an Average Student to Pass CA

Study Early in the Morning

If you want to be a successful chartered accountant, you need to dedicate your day and night to reach there. However, the practice lies in managing the hours effectively. For example, to begin with your CA preparation, you should initially start with the theoretical part. You can wake up early in the morning to start with your preparation and gradually make progress every day.

Read Each Subject for Two Hours

You don’t have to work your entire day to study for CA; you can manage your hours instead. For example, after waking up early in the morning, you should read for two hours and then take a break for an hour and start again for two hours. This technique goes for the theoretical part, and you can read for the academic subjects for four hours to dedicate the rest to practical CA subjects.

Set a Target for Each Day

Setting a target for each day gives you a determination and motivation to complete the defined task everyday. In this sense, you should set a target as a milestone. For example, choose one or two subjects that you may find hard to beat. After picking it, you should stick to practicing the subjects every day by breaking down the chapters to study each day. Once you complete a selected topic’s defined chapter part, you can gradually go on with the rest.

Rely On Promising Material

There may be a plethora of studying material available for CA. However, you cannot review all of them; you can choose the most promising one to hold on to. That’s why you may get confused about deciding differently which study material you should look up for preparation. So, as a CA institute in Lahore, we suggest you stick to the one you think you can understand best. This way, you can avoid being bewildered by looking into various materials since the information written in the books for CA endorsed by ICAP is more or less the same but penned differently.

Take Notes

If you miss out on taking notes in lectures for practical subjects, it’s unlikely that you will catch up later. You cannot study at the last minute to ace the CA examination. That’s why taking notes of each practical lecture is necessary to practice the question each day. Otherwise, you are likely to fail if you cannot understand the formats of the practical exam.

Revise At Least 20 Questions Each Day

To prepare for the practical subjects, you should practice 20 questions each day to make progress. The books suggest plenty of helpful questions to understand the formats and techniques of applying the calculative part in the CA examination. However, you cannot practice them all in one day. So, we suggest that you break them down into 20 questions each day.