Getting a chartered accountant certification is one of the most challenging academic decisions you can make. Many students find it increasingly hard to pass all papers, which is why the dropout rate is high. However, if you do pass all exams and get the qualification, your prospects open tremendously.

If you are considering doing CA but want to know why many people find it a nightmare before you make the final decision, you have come to the right place. This blog will give you a list of reasons why many people find it to be a nightmare even when they are studying in the best institute for CA in Pakistan.

Low Pass Rates

CA in Pakistan has a pass rate of around 15%. Every student is aware of this. Even people who were at the top of their class in school find themselves unsure of whether they will clear the upcoming exams. This leads to an increase in stress levels. Even when they are well prepared, there is always the fear of not being able to make it. As a result, CA students are usually very anxious and go through a lot of self-doubts. Adding to that, they constantly find themselves worrying about the future in case they are not able to pass.

Heavy Workload

Chartered Accountancy certification is extremely difficult, and if students are to exceed it, they have to practice regularly. This means an increase in workload. People doing CA have to know a great number of formulas, theories, and laws. Completing the syllabus even once is a struggle because of how much work needs to be done. A lot of CA students are full-time workers. Since they have so much work pending from both sides, their performance in the office, as well as the classroom, often declines.

A Lot Of Sacrifices Need To Be Made

Becoming a chartered accountant is not an easy job. Most people go into the degree knowing they will not have time for leisure activities or hanging out with friends. While you are studying you will have to sacrifice your family time and the social events you used to attend. Even though it might just seem like a 3-hour event, it is different for a CA student. They are already behind schedule from the day classes start. To keep up with the teaching pace, they need to utilize almost all the time they have for studying.

This is why working on relationships and trying to maintain them required twice the amount of effort from CA students. Not only this, but a lot of them have to give up their jobs and invest all of their time in studying. They know this is the only option available, otherwise, they are at risk of not passing.

No Proper Coaching

Many institutions offer the best CA in Pakistan. However, there is still a lack of proper coaching in the country. There is no help in planning exams out or in terms of spacing them. Students are mostly just left on their own to figure everything out, which might cause them to feel overwhelmed. Moreover, it takes them twice the amount of time to understand topics if they are self-studying.

PAC makes sure the students enrolled with them get to study from professionals in the field who can keep them up to date with recent changes in the industry. Our students are given all the necessary services needed to ensure they become successful accountants.

Even though these problems do not necessarily apply to all CA students, they are the most common issues. If you are an accounting student know that you might feel overwhelmed at times. However, hard work and proper guidance will ensure that all of it feels worth it later on.