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Founder of PAC

Ishfaq Ahmad

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His colleagues and students often point out the immense amount of hard work and dedication he put into his work. He started the institute with two students in the drawing room of his house. He was always first one to enter the office and last one to leave. His goal was elusive, but attainable; attainable through immense hard work, and the vision to serve his country through quality professional education. The roots of hard work, honesty, truthfulness and dedication that he planted in the walls of this institution back in 1987, have spread their branches across Pakistan and made PAC into what it is today.

He had extraordinary love and warmth for his students and the students shared same feelings for him. He considered students like his own children and always thought about their bright future. For him, these students were valuable assets of the nation. For old students who were personally influenced by his personality, there is no need for memoirs about his great personality, for his memory will always reside in their hearts. In short, he was like a picture, like a dream; too good to be true.


“Professional education and not any ordinary qualification in general education should be the focal point of every student. The youth of the nation should not be left idle to waste its time. They must be persuaded and motivated to pursue higher studies in the best possible way.”

Above mentioned quote is by founder of PAC, Mr. Ishfaq Ahmed. He was truly a mentor who guided his students and showed them a path leading to best studies of Accountancy. He established Pakistan’s first-ever institution for Professional Accountancy students known today as PAC.

He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1983 and was admitted into Fellow of ICAP in 1993. He did his B.Com from Hailey College of Commerce and joined A.F Fergusons &Co Chartered Accountants, Lahore as an Audit Clerk and completed four years of training from the same firm.

He had been engaged with training since 1983 and set up his very own Academy of Professional Accountants (APA) in 1987. After two years; he began teaching full-time. Late Ishfaq Ahmed’s start in the field of education was although humble but was on very sole footings of true professionalism and service orientation. He also founded PAC, CIMS and TPC with his co-workers later.

Mr. Ishfaq Ahmed (late) FCA was a thorough Muslim who followed the tenants of Islam in his daily life in their letter and spirit. He persuaded his students as well to prepare for the life hereafter as this life is short. He emphasized his students to offer prayer, be truthful and earn rizq-e-hilal.

It is evident that without him, PAC would not have existed in first place & secondly without his guidance PAC wouldn’t be one of the best Professional accountancy institutes in Pakistan. Truly PAC is reaping benefits of the seeds sown by Ishfaq Ahmad. His contributions and commitment to PAC will always be remembered and appreciated.