Have you just graduated out of A ‘levels or Intermediate and are thinking of what is ahead for you in life? If you are here, ACCA definitely appeals to you. Well, let’s just agree, it is quite a famous qualification for many in Pakistan. However, you are definitely worried about what it entails for you in the future and how does anyone successfully completes ACCA in Pakistan. What are the job prospects? Will it develop you or will it give you a nice life? Is it difficult? Well, do not worry for we got you!

ACCA In Pakistan

Global Recognition

Yes, ACCA is a globally recognized qualification! People who end up doing ACCA have access to jobs all over the globe. If that surprises you, there are around 233,000 ACCA qualified individuals over the world. Why is it globally recognized? Well, it is credited to the rigorous training ACCA students go through as any ACCA program is designed and curated through the help of many international employers. These programs are adjusted to internationally growing business needs and challenges.


It is statistically seen that almost all of the ACCA graduates end up in nice positions such as junior accountants. However, they do not stay there for long. The majority of them work their way up to financial analysts, financial controllers and even Chief Financial Officers! However, many of those who do not pursue finance as a career, get trained so well through ACCA, they also end up in executive positions in non-finance departments. Sometimes as CEO too and sometimes have big careers in data and analytics. How? ACCA’s training gives a very holistic view of the corporate world which enables them to see the broader picture but also see the details.


ACCA is surely not a theoretical certification. What it is, is a certification that requires being extremely good with numbers while also understanding the concepts. However, it is not just that. To be able to operate in such important positions as we discussed above, hard training is required. This is why ACCA professionals receive technical training from every early on in these programs allowing them to contribute better to critical financial situations. Besides, soft skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, critical problem solving and being tech-savvy are also built up.


ACCA also gives you flexibility in terms of studying full-time or part-time along with work. If you want to go to a university, Oxford Brookes has ACCA programs. If you want to go to an accredited ACCA provider, you can go to them too. However, if you want to study remotely, you can do that too! That is how accessible and flexible ACCA is for anyone who wants to study. You can take all your exams online.

If you are a student who is really interested or even casually browsing, we assure you that ACCA is indeed a qualification that will really help build you professionally and personally!