A general question when students decide they want to pursue the field of accounting is ACCA or CA, which is better in Pakistan. In addition, they want to know which is better regarding opportunities, scope, difficulty, and learning. While there is no straightforward answer to any of these questions, we have broken down both certifications to give you an idea of what you should choose. This will make taking a decision easier for you. 

We will begin with the most fundamental distinction between the two. Chartered Accountancy (CA) tends to emphasize Financial Accounting more.

In contrast, the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) takes a broader approach to building up on accounting, taxation, regulations, and auditing. 


To be eligible for Chartered Accountancy (CA), you must have at least 50% marks in your intermediate or two passed subjects in A-Levels. If you are applying as a graduate student, you should have a 45% in your bachelor’s. In addition, you should have passed your matriculation and intermediate for the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA). If you went to a high school, you must have 45% marks. 


To become a CA, you must pass 21 exams in 4 different stages. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan takes these exams. These exams are divided into four parts which are namely:

  • Assessment of Fundamental Competencies (4 exams)
  • Certificate in Accounting and Finance (9 exams)
  •  Certified Finance and Accounting Professional (6 exams)
  •  Multi-Subject Assessments (2 exams)

ACCA, on the other hand, has 13 papers that are divided into three different parts. These are:

  •  Applied Knowledge Papers (3 exams)
  • Applied Skill Papers (6 exams) 
  • Strategic Professional Papers (2 exams). 

Level of Difficulty

Regarding toughness, CA vs. ACCA in Pakistan has a simple answer. The general difficulty level of CA is higher than ACCA and requires more hours. This is also because CA has more papers. Besides that, a considerable difference is visible when the passing rates are compared. For CA, the percentage is between 5% to 20%, whereas, for ACCA, the passing rate is around 40%. These statistics show that you must work harder to become a chartered accountant. Also, you can complete ACCA in 2 years; however, CA needs a minimum of 5 years. 


The question of CA or ACCA, better in Pakistan, is complicated regarding scope. CA has excellent scope in Pakistan owing to its being a local degree. For this reason, when it comes to this particular country, it is easier for CA graduates to find high-paying jobs compared to ACCA-qualified accountants. But on the other hand, while ACCA also leads to good jobs in Pakistan, it has greater scope in other countries since it is a UK-based degree. This means that within Pakistan, CA will offer you better opportunities. Still, if you plan on moving to another country, a better option for you would be doing an ACCA certification. That would automatically put you ahead of the line, and you will not have to start from scratch in a different country.

CA and ACCA have features that set them apart and make them excellent certifications. The significant difference comes from one being an international degree and one national one. An excellent way to get an answer for CA vs. ACCA in Pakistan would be to break things down. If you want global exposure, then a good option for you would be ACCA. If you want a high-paying job in Pakistan, try to opt for CA. Similarly, if you want an accounting degree that does not require less effort, ACCA is the way for you.