Are you worried that online classes for CA are not as practical as face-to-face classes? In that, we are here to bust the myths.
Often students have to take online classes simply because they do not have enough time to attend on-campus classes. CA students often have to take online classes while working in an audit firm as an intern. Students like to continue with their studies as they want to take exams soon after the training period.

Other than that, due to the recent outbreak of Covid-19, students have no choice but to take online classes. While it is true that online classes demand you to pay extra attention and work much harder, that does not mean online classes are less effective. And with the rapid change to the digital world, education platforms are also adapting well to accommodate the students.

Common Myths About Online CA

Here are some myths that we discuss today, So let’s start busting the myths!

Lower Quality Education

While it is true that formal online education varies from the on-campus classes still, many institutes have evolved their quality of online education. In fact, many institutes that provide online CA in Pakistan are better than on-campus classes as the teachers can explain the course better using images and videos. Moreover, students can record lectures which means they can listen to those lectures at any time.

Courses Not Accredited

The accreditation of courses for CA varies from institute to institute. But a fair number of institutes provide accredited online courses. In fact, along with online classes, some institutes also offer you mock examinations and online tests. There are a number of CA institutes in Lahore. These institutes provide you with accredited quality online education. Because of this, many students join institutes for CA in Lahore.

Cheating Is Common Online

Cheating is possible in both traditional and online methods of education. But believing that it is more common online is absolutely wrong. In fact, experts say that it is not more likely to cheat online than on-campus.

If a student gets help from websites, then the professor can use various software to spot plagiarism. As the document is scanned, it is easier to run them through software. In addition, exams for CA in Pakistan require students to use their webcam and test at a physical location.

Hard To Manage Time

This myth is truly wrong because it is easier to manage your time with online courses than on-campus. Students think that as they will be taking lessons remotely, they will have other work to do as well. But this depends on how well you prioritize your work. There is no traveling done for online classes, saving you time. Plus, if you can not take the lesson in the morning for some reason, you can view the lecture whenever you want.

Businesses Do Not Like Online Degree

This myth depends on from business to business, but most of the time, businesses value the expertise of the person more than the form of degree. Some companies even sponsor online students. Businesses do not care about the form of degrees.

In the end, it depends on the person and how well they present themselves to the company. So believing that getting a CA degree online might cut the chances of getting employed, but this is not true. In fact, businesses hire even fresh CA, graduate students.

Businesses demand someone who can handle their taxes and finances well, which a CA student has expertise in. So, believing that getting a degree online might decrease your chances of getting a job is not valid. A CA degree, whether online or on-campus, is equally valued and effective.