ACCA in Pakistan upholds numerous career opportunities for ACCA members. However, the course is often confused with various misconceptions that students believe before pursuing the course. That’s because there are many speculations and inadequate guidance.

So, it eventually wears down the confidence of students to pursue the ACCA career. In this case, we have listed down some common myths regarding ACCA in Pakistan so that you can see reality.


ACCA is Only Suitable for International Platforms

You might have heard about people suggesting you do ACCA only to settle in abroad. However, you might not need to because ACCA has a promising scope in Pakistan now that more jobs are coming in. You can work in FMCGs and MNCs branches in Pakistan in various finance and accounting-based roles. Although the starting salary would be average, if you become a member of ACCA global, it might increase potentially.

There are No Opportunities If You Want to Change Your Job

ACCA widens up your career scope; you can delve into various other job fields through ACCA global. The jobs can be categorized in several ways, including military and defense, business analysts, treasurers, business developers, tax analysts, and much more in the private and public sectors. Moreover, you can use your expertise from learning ACCA courses to start your business.

It’s More Expensive Without a Career Potential

ACCA can be expensive for an average earner in Pakistan, but it is an excellent investment for a future career. That’s because there are still people in Pakistan who don’t know about ACCA, which makes it more intriguing with an open market opportunity for more jobs. That’s why if you think that ACCA is an expensive course without offering a potential career, then this is a myth. ACCA in Pakistan costs around four lakhs in total.

It’s Only Suitable for Working in a Company

Although you can get more job exposure with an ACCA qualification in an FMCG or MNC, that does not hold you from indulging in various other roles. You can even start your own business with an ACCA qualification. You will have a piece of substantive knowledge about accounting and finance to hold the reins of your financial records by yourself. Moreover, you can be a business partner or open an authorized franchise to run an endorsed business.

It’s Very Difficult

ACCA can be difficult but not as tricky as CA. That’s because the minimum qualification required to register as a student with ACCA global is matriculation or O Levels. You don’t have a specific boundary to pursue ACCA after meeting the minimum eligibility criteria. The career is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in Pakistan, so you can pursue ACCA after completing your bachelor’s.

You Need to Go Abroad for the Exam

It’s a false myth if you heard someone saying that you need to go to an international platform to take the final ACCA test. That’s because ACCA tests are done on online software operated by ACCA-recognized institutions in Pakistan.

It’s Unlikely Valuable

If you have heard that ACCA is not a valuable career in Pakistan, it’s nothing but a false myth. That’s because the career opportunities are expanding for ACCA qualified students with relatively lower competition. So, it’s high time that you pursue this career and grab the most valuable job opportunity in both the private and public sectors.

CA and ACCA Means the Same

No, CA and ACCA are not the same. Both careers are different in eligibility, scope, opportunities, and levels. That’s because CA is an advanced version equivalent to a master’s degree in Pakistan. However, you may get an exemption in CA after completing ACCA in Pakistan.