CFAP Orientation

You’re there. You can see CAF in the rearview mirror while you embark on a journey towards firm induction and, with that, CFAP. You have spent the past few months looking for articles and honing your skills to help you benefit in the firm interviews as well as practical firm life. Now you turn a little of your focus towards starting your CFAP Studies. Here are few things you should keep in mind

1. You should be clear about the papers you are going to study this semester. You attended Sir Jafar’s session regarding subject selection and you have a clear roadmap in your mind and are focused on completing your CFAP within the time period of your articles.
2. Decide upon the medium you will study from. At PAC, you have the liberty to study online or physically with most of the same teachers. So you have absolute control over your routine. You can choose a medium based on your routine and convenience.
3. Avoid long gaps in your studies. If you’ve ever gone to a gym, you know the first week comes with a lot of cramps. And as you keep going to the gym, the routine gets easier. Such is the case with studies. As you stay true to a regular study routine, you will never suffer from the metaphorical “cramps”. So it is very important that you continue with your educational momentum and start with your studies.