CFA certification has its own charm. Nowadays students interested in finance are desirous of earning more and hence they are thinking more to choose CFA. CFA comes with better career prospects. Although there are many other certifications with bright future prospects, CFA is leading all when it comes to financial analysis. Membership of CFA institute is in over 100 countries. This membership is represented by investment professionals in varying types of investment firms.


Following is the breakdown of common professions that CFA`s opt to go for:

  • Relationship manager (5 percent)
  • The research analyst (16 percent)
  • Consultants (7 percent)
  • Financial advisor (5 percent)
  • Financial analysts (5 percent)
  • Portfolio manager (23 percent)
  • Risk manager (6 percent)


There are surveys conducted by recruiting websites and other organizations regarding job prospects for various certifications. These surveys are one of the means for determining the worth of CFA. These also tell which companies or industries give more value to CFA`s. Such surveys also make a comparison of different certifications and thus you can analyze the importance of CFA`s in today`s investment and other sectors. If you come across such a survey, you will get to know that CFA`s are earning higher designations than other certifications in the current scenario. Just like job possibilities and potential comparison you can get information about remuneration packages.

CFA`s are increasing in their worth mainly in areas of investment analysis. These are now considered to be a critical part of the investment sector. Not only in Pakistan but also in other countries, CFA`s are continuously increasing in their worth and demand.


CFA`s after completing their qualification is an asset for any organization they work in. Mainly CFA`s get the higher positions in any organization including those of CFO, CEO, and likely ones. Remuneration of CFA`s is not less than 100k and there is no upper limit. With the increase in experience worth of CFA`s also increase.

Companies are getting more interest in hiring CFA professionals. CFA`s have better compensation packages offered and there are bright career growth chances for them as well. CFA charters never settle for less than what they deserve. Though not easy to obtain, CFA certification provides a wide range of benefits within specific business sectors and industries. CFA requires hard work and time to complete it but once you have completed it you will realize the unlimited benefits it gives its professionals.