Life nowadays is very busy and everyone wants to meet their schedule. Whether students, job holders or other persons everyone plans to do many things. CA students have slightly tougher routine than others because of the nature of their studies. After you join firm for articles it becomes more difficult to manage work and study. Late sittings are a normal routine in firms and one has to fulfill his/her duties to learn more. There are also students who are doing jobs and are still left with papers to qualify as chartered accountants. PAC is the leading institute of distant learning that has recognized this issue of students and has introduced online ca classes.

PAC online classes for CA

There won`t be any CA or ACCA student in Pakistan not aware of PAC. PAC is the brand of quality education. It has established this status after years of hard work and quality delivery. PAC delivers a completely interactive and accredited education at your comfort at home, job place or anywhere you want. It has unique online distant learning school that offers the unmatchable quality education for not only CA but also ACCA students. No other institute in Pakistan can reach the level of PAC. Each subject is taken by experts who are qualified professionals. Distant learning is just like regular classes with the additional advantage of comfort and anytime everywhere access.

How it works

PAC offers online classes for all CA subjects. This option was opted mainly for students who cannot be physically present in a class due to their work or other routine matters. These classes are also held live with interactive classrooms. Students never experience any bad behavior or disruptions in their study time which allows them to concentrate on the studies without any interruption. There is specific time table during which classes are held. For example for CFAP level there are classes during 2 to 3 days of the week. Students can easily focus on their lecture by choosing their desired surrounding without any interruption. They can message teacher regarding comments, questions and contributions wherever desired and needed.

Student involvement is a must

PAC has made it possible for students to get involve in their studies in the most feasible way. Notes are shared online by teachers and tests are also taken. These online CA lectures are similar to manual classes but with additional advantage of being at your ease. PAC offers full range of classes for CA and ACCA students. As lectures are also available offline, so students can re-watch these lectures as and when they want. Fee is very reasonable.

If you are not getting time for attending classes, PAC has added benefit for you to assist you in completing your qualification. Get benefit and be a chartered accountant.