Board Of Directors




On behalf of students, faculty and administrators, I am delighted to welcome you all to PAC. As students, you are the heart of our campus community and the motivation of our staff and faculty. At the institution you will find companionship among peers who share similar interests with you. You will get the opportunity to meet new people and learn important interpersonal skills through our many social, cultural and co-curricular activities. The students of PAC will also be taught by the most experienced teachers to ensure they become future leaders in the field of accountancy.

The institution is proud of its many achievements of providing quality education, its ever-growing alumni network and pool of experienced teachers. We wish to continue our legacy of developing students who are not only leaders in their profession but who are also role model citizens. Remember, your success is our success.




It is my pleasure to welcome you to the PAC community. Here at PAC, we are committed towards equipping you with the right skills and knowledge to help you pursue a career in accountancy. At the institute, you will be taught by the most dedicated and experienced teachers who are determined to ensure you have the versatility to lead in a complex and challenging environment. In the classroom we will expose you to real-life challenges to ensure you are able to strive in the professional field.

PAC is all about its students and I will also be actively involved in your academic lives. We take pride in ourselves in being a community where all our students, teachers and staff members are valued. Once you join the community of PAC, you are part of a network that lasts for a lifetime.




These are exciting times for PAC as we have achieved many milestones. PAC is dedicated to excellence and rigour in the classroom and to ensuring this quality education reaches all. The institute’s qualified professionals are in great demand across Pakistan in various sectors. PAC is also the only institution in Pakistan that has conducted customized training programs for the officers of FBR in the field of accountancy, audit, and information technology. The achievements of PAC are not just limited to the field of accountancy. We have arranged various blood drives, aided victims of natural disasters, and offered financial assistance to those in need. PAC is committed to its students and community and keeps on thinking of ways it can help them. We believe in re-inventing ourselves to achieve the highest standards of quality.




As a Director at PAC I only try to make contributions to the main ideology of PAC and invest my energies to further the mission of the college; providing quality education along with a healthy and conducive learning environment to the students. We try to give our students the closest to reality testing experience and have arranged for the most qualified faculty members to facilitate them. Our assiduous efforts towards enhancing the overall educational experience of our students through innovation and technology led to the development of PAC School of Online Learning, thus making education more flexible for our students. I take pride in saying that PAC has reached all the main cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Sialkot and Peshawar. Moreover, we have successfully blurred geographical boundaries with the advancement of the online education forum. I urge you to become part of an institution that is working towards revolutionizing accountancy education.