CA in Islamabad

Best Institute For CA in Islamabad

Chartered accountancy is one of the most challenging fields to be a part of. Students appear for their CA exams every year, hoping to pass them and become certified accountants. However, the passing ratio of CA exams is significantly less. This puts students in a dilemma regarding pursuing CA in the first place. Even when

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best study materials

ACCA Study Resources: Where to Find the Best Study Materials

Every year thousands of students sit through their ACCA examinations, hoping to become an accountant whose degree is recognized internationally. People continue to enroll in certifications such as ACCA, despite knowing the level of difficulty that can be expected in exams because of its scope. Without a doubt, pursuing a degree in the field of

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Career Opportunities For CA Abroad

What Are The Career Opportunities For CA Abroad?

Chartered Accountancy is a degree that gets thousands of applicants every year. These numbers are enormous, considering the level of difficulty of the degree. One reason to explain this is the countless opportunities a chartered accountancy degree can offer you. What makes it distinct is that the jobs available are not restricted to Pakistan. The

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CA vs CSS | Who Earns The Most in Pakistan

CSS and Chartered Accountancy are two promising professions in Pakistan that offer opportunities and room for growth in the future. Both these professions are sought after by a large majority of the general public owing to the respect and prestige of being involved with any of them. Multiple applicants take gap years to ensure they

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Repeated Failure in CA

Is CA Really That Tough | Reasons of Repeated Failure in CA

Every year, thousands of students become chartered accountant applicants hoping to pursue a career in accounting. The primary motivation for doing so comes from wanting a bright future filled with opportunities in Pakistan. While everyone knows the benefits of a chartered accountancy degree, it is no secret that this is one of the most challenging

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CA exams retake

CA Exams Retake Policy | Re-examination Information

Becoming a chartered accountant in Pakistan is a challenging task. Giving the required examinations and passing all of them is a feat not many students achieve. However, once you end up successful, there is a significant number of opportunities available. This is one of the reasons people are still so interested in chartered accountancy as

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prepare for CA exams

Tips About How To Prepare For CA By Self Study

Passing the Chartered Accountancy exams is a feat all students who apply for the degree wish to achieve. Therefore, many join tuition centers and academies to get the guidance needed to score well on the exams. However, since many people appear for exams more than once, they opt for CA self-study later. While this might

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duration of CA

Duration of CA After Intermediate And After Graduation | in Pakistan

Chartered Accountancy is a promising field in Pakistan. Every year thousands of applicants register themselves with some accounting tuition centers in hopes of passing CA exams. While most of these students are those who just finished their intermediate-level studies, many people entering the field are university graduates who further plan on pursuing chartered accounting. Whether

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ACCA vs CMA | Which One Is Best For You To Choose

Certified Management Accounting (CMA) is an accounting degree designed to give students a detailed insight into financial management and management accounting. ICMA Pakistan carries out the degree. Individuals who have this certification have the option of working in corporate financial accounting and strategic management. During the degree, you learn essential skills like financial planning, analysis,

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