duration of CA

Duration of CA After Intermediate And After Graduation | in Pakistan

Chartered Accountancy is a promising field in Pakistan. Every year thousands of applicants register themselves with some accounting tuition centers in hopes of passing CA exams. While most of these students are those who just finished their intermediate-level studies, many people entering the field are university graduates who further plan on pursuing chartered accounting. Whether

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ACCA vs CMA | Which One Is Best For You To Choose

Certified Management Accounting (CMA) is an accounting degree designed to give students a detailed insight into financial management and management accounting. ICMA Pakistan carries out the degree. Individuals who have this certification have the option of working in corporate financial accounting and strategic management. During the degree, you learn essential skills like financial planning, analysis,

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CA about

10 Facts About CA No One Will Ever Tell You

Chartered Accountancy is a challenging profession to become a part of. While it is difficult, everyone knows how important it is for businesses to stay operative and not reach a standstill. Generally, many people give up on their dream of becoming an accountant before exploring it entirely because of the misconceptions attached to the field

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Between Accounting and Accountancy

4 Major Differences Between Accounting and Accountancy

Many of us have encountered the terms Accounting and Accountancy being used interchangeably. While this is a common mistake many people make, as an accounting student, one thing everyone needs to be clear on is how both have their own separate definitions and uses. In addition, many people might use one instead of another because

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Accountants for small Businesses

How An Accountant Can Add Value To Your Business | In 2023

Accountants for small businesses take up many different roles when they are hired to work at a company. Unfortunately, many people think they are restricted from dealing with taxes. While this is a significant part of what they do, they overlook many other aspects of financial transactions that help make a business a successful enterprise.

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6 Things Accounting Firms Consider

6 Things Accounting Firms Consider While Hiring An Accountant

Hiring an accountant for a firm is a hectic job. Company leaders are looking for someone who oversees all finances and the business’s cash flow. These are crucial tasks and could make or break a business. This is why it is vital that companies make a checklist of what a potential candidate looks like every

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Get Articleship of CA Firms

How To Get Articleship At Top CA Firms

Many Chartered Accounting students hope to land an articleship at one of the big firms in Pakistan. Not only does this experience look great on your resume, but you also get to learn a lot from seniors who have been a part of the accounting field for many years. The top 10 audit firms in

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Scope of CA and ACCA

Scope of CA and ACCA In Pakistan | 2023

Every year thousands of students enter the Chartered Accountancy field by enrolling in institutions that can help them pass their CA and ACCA examinations. While both these qualifications are generally seen as respectable and are known to open a wide range of opportunities for applicants, students still worry about the scope of CA in Pakistan

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