How to Get a CA Degree in Pakistan?

As of December 2018, the Institute of Chartered Accountants had 9989 members working in and outside Pakistan. Over the past few years, that number is bound to have increased That’s why students in Pakistan rush to dive into this career to jump on to the Master’s level. However, there are a few qualifications that you

Why are Professional Ethics Important for ACCA

While pursuing ACCA in Pakistan, there are specific ethical grounds set by ACCA global to follow the same code of conduct of this prestigious qualification worldwide. That’s because ACCA is a standardized qualification endorsed by international authorities. So, in this article, we are here to express further the importance of ethics for an ACCA qualified

How Many Papers of CA are Exempted After ACCA in Pakistan

If you are approaching CA in Pakistan after completing your ACCA, you may get an advantage with the exemption of a few papers. That’s because the ACCA and CA both are accounting and finance-based qualifications and have some common subjects. So, if you want to pursue CA after ACCA, you don’t have to repeat those

Why is CA so Difficult in Pakistan?

Becoming a Chartered Accountant is no doubt a high-end career, but the route to wrapping it around your finger is an uphill battle (even more in Pakistan). That’s because the basic accounting expertise required to crack the CA examination is equivalent to the advanced level in Pakistan. However, we are enclosing more details to disclose

5 Mistakes Students Make When Choosing an Institute For Their CFAP

Soon after qualifying CAF, students get confused about what should be their next step. Start CFAP or focus on firm inductions. This lack of knowledge, results in students making a lot of mistakes when choosing the institute for CFAP. This blog will talk about 5 of these mistakes and their possible solutions: Consider An Institute

What to Do After ACCA in Pakistan?

Kudos to you if you have aced your papers of ACCA in Pakistan, but do you know what lies ahead for you? Indeed, there’s plenty of opportunities in Pakistan after cracking the ACCA, but to choose what fits you best among various options is a stressful feat. Although it’s on you to decide if you

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