Chartered accountancy is one of the most challenging fields to be a part of. Students appear for their CA exams every year, hoping to pass them and become certified accountants. However, the passing ratio of CA exams is significantly less. This puts students in a dilemma regarding pursuing CA in the first place. Even when they do, they need clarification about the best way to prepare. Suppose you reside in Islamabad, and the only thing keeping you from pursuing CA is the difficulty level of exams and the need for more knowledge about qualifying. In that case, you do not need to worry. You can always join a tuition center to ensure you have a standard mode of instruction that helps prepare you to sit for your CA examinations.

The best school of accountancy in Islamabad is the Professional Academy of Commerce (PAC). Not only do we offer instructors that have been a part of the field for a very long time, but our alumni have a record of 100 percent employability. Our services and commitment to accounting set us apart and make us the best CA in Islamabad institute. If you want to know more about PAC’s value, read this blog. We highlight why, as a student wishing to sit for CA exams in Islamabad, you should choose us.

Highly Skilled Instructors

One of the significant strengths of PAC is that the instructors here are highly qualified. They have a skill set with a lot of demand in the job market. Moreover, they have practical experience working in the field for an extended period. This makes them well-equipped to guide you. Teachers currently in top positions in the corporate world can help prepare students accordingly. This means they constantly tell you how to develop your skill set and optimize your abilities, preparing you for future jobs. Also, their information and level of experience might aid students in finding articleships.

More than that, they have been teaching chartered accountancy courses for a long time (more than six years). They know how to make predictions regarding what questions can be expected in exams, keeping precedents in mind. They also let you know how you are supposed to go about solving papers. Their tips are hard to find anywhere else since these are tried and tested. Lastly, our instructors are professionals who know what they are doing. They start building concepts from scratch, ensuring no gaps are left in the information taught in class.

Alumni Success Percentage

Almost all our alumni who managed to pass the CA exams work as highly paid-accountants. This is what makes us the best school of accountancy in Islamabad. We have a record of a hundred percent employability, and that too within a year after graduation. The starting salary of our alumni is usually up to Rs 100,000 and only increases with experience. All of this is owed to the practice followed in our institute. Even though we emphasize the CA course content, our primary goal is to motivate students to build their capabilities. The faculty at PAC tries to ensure our graduates are well-suited for the corporate world for whichever job they take on. So, our curriculum is designed in a way where we want to ensure they are good at giving presentations, have well-built communication skills, and have a vast understanding of accounting.

Study Material

The study material used at PAC is updated and well-aligned with the CA examinations. This practice is carried out by institutes offering the best CA in Islamabad. Every year, we update our syllabus, and the content taught after checking the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Pakistan’s website. We also focus on past paper practice, providing students with model questions and answers for their exam preparation. Additionally, our library has a range of reference books and journals related to accounting, taxing, finance, and other fields. This implies you will find ample resources to satisfy your curiosity and learn.

A Strong Network

Lastly, one of the reasons we are considered the best school of accountancy in Islamabad is the network students build in the institute. They get to converse with their instructors and connect with them. Moreover, working on different group projects and attending classes with peers allows you to establish meaningful bonds. Since our alumni have a high success rate, they will work in high positions later. It is always helpful to network with these people because it would come in handy in the future once you become established and are a part of the corporate sector,

PAC undoubtedly offers services for the best CA in Islamabad. We ensure our students are prepared to sit for their exams and that they successfully pass them. Our teachers are committed to the cause and offer guidance like none other. If you want to pursue the field of CA, the best way to go about exam preparation is to join our institute.