The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a global body that was established for professional accountants. If you obtain this certification, you can work as a management consultant, financial consultant, financial planner, accountant, and much more.

With each passing day, ACCA in Pakistan grows in popularity, and students want to obtain this certification. The number of institutes for ACCA in Pakistan has sky-rocketed as the demand keeps increasing.

ACCA enables you to reach incredible heights in your professional career, and it is a widely accepted and respected qualification. To be able to work in any field related to ACCA, you need first to pass the exams and acquire the certification.

An Ultimate Guide To The ACCA Exam

Let’s look at what you can do to ensure you pass your ACCA exam and everything you should keep in mind when preparing for it.

Time Management

When preparing for your exam, you should keep in mind the number of questions you will attempt and the time it will take for you to complete the questions. Being well-prepared means you will not waste any time.

While you are attempting the exam, you are advised to spend only 1.8 minutes for each mark. For example, if the question is of 20 marks, you should complete it in 36 minutes. It will help you attempt all the questions in the allotted time.

Follow Instructions

Following instructions properly will help you achieve success during your exam. Before starting the paper, you should look at the instructions provided on the first page and ensure you are doing what is asked.

From the first step, a.ka., getting to the exam hall, to completing your exam in the given time, you need to follow instructions. Once you have your exam, you should read all the questions thoroughly and provide the answer required. You can also underline or highlight any keywords in the questions that can help you understand them better.

Stay Relevant To The Questions

If you want to score well on your exam, you need to focus on what the question requires. When you read a question on the paper, you need to understand which part of your syllabus is being tested and what you need to write in the answer.

When attempting the exam, you should answer in a way that showcases your knowledge and how well you can apply that knowledge. If you use your expertise in a logical and convincing argument with excellent structure, you can receive extra marks for being professional. These professional marks can also be obtained by using a professional tone and effective communication throughout your exam.

Presentation Of Your Answers

It is essential for you to present your answers in a way that impresses the examiner and gets your point across in a clear and logical manner. To ensure that your answer is well-presented, you should always form an outline and plan the structure.

You should use headers, margins, bullet points, tables, paragraphs, etc., to give a comprehensive answer. It is also crucial that you include all your workings in the answer booklet for the examiner to see.

Get The Easy Marks

When you start your exam, you should go through all the questions and mark the ones that you find easy. You should always attempt these questions first and secure all the easy marks available for you in the exam.

When choosing the optional questions, always pick the question you know the best. This way, you can avoid wasting your time on questions you aren’t familiar with and give the answers you are confident about.

Become Successful

If you keep all the tips and guidelines mentioned above in your mind when attempting the ACCA exam, you are bound to be successful and obtain excellent marks. Working hard and practicing for the exam will help you provide brilliant answers and achieve your desired result.