Every year thousands of students sit through their ACCA examinations, hoping to become an accountant whose degree is recognized internationally. People continue to enroll in certifications such as ACCA, despite knowing the level of difficulty that can be expected in exams because of its scope. Without a doubt, pursuing a degree in the field of accounting opens up many career opportunities for you. However, to reach those, there are a few obstacles you need to overcome. One of those is passing your exams.

Tips To Find the Best Study Materials

If you are an ACCA student about to prepare for your exams or if you have just done your intermediate and are looking for potential career prospects and are afraid to pursue ACCA because you find the exams to be intimidating, do not worry. There are many ACCA resources you can refer to that can help strengthen your preparation and ensure you do well on the exams. To know more about it, read this blog because we have highlighted the resources that will be most helpful during your preparation. If you make use of these and keep an organized study schedule throughout your preparation period, you are sure to pass your exams.

Past Papers

The importance of past papers is often overlooked during exam preparation, especially once there is less time left to study. Students generally go over the syllabus and leave practice questions in a situation like this. There are better approaches to take for ACCA. This is primarily because the questions you will have to solve in your examination will have great difficulty. You can only expect to do well by seeing the general pattern of questions that is to show up.

Moreover, doing past papers allows you to solve the exam in the time you will be allowed in the examination hall. This study material for acca helps you gauge your strengths and weaknesses and allocate time to each question accordingly. So, if you think you can score more in one section than the other, you will know that you have to focus more on that during the exam. Lastly, past papers help you understand the exam pattern. This instills a sense of familiarity that helps keep your nerves under control. Moreover, you will know what to expect as you progress through the paper, reducing your chances of getting confused.

Video Tutorials

Accounting concepts are generally challenging to grasp, and students usually do not perform well on exams when their basic foundation is weak. In a time of digitalization, you will find many video tutorials available as ACCA resources on YouTube and other websites. They take you through the beginning of the degree and review all concepts. If you need help with one concept, you can find specific videos explaining those, too, only in four to five minutes. These are especially helpful during revision when you are on a time crunch and can only allocate a few minutes to one concept. The tutors might also suggest tips and tricks to help you manage time better and pay attention to minute details.

Question Banks

Before you appear for any exam, make sure you have gone over question banks for that paper because this will prepare you to attempt any difficult question regardless of the topic. It would be best if you tried to get question banks that are separated topic-wise because this will make your way of studying more organized. This study material for acca takes a systematic approach where you revise a topic and then solve questions from the bank. You will see if you have a good grasp of the concepts. Moreover, you might encounter many question types that will be replicated in the exam. This will put you a step ahead of your peers because you will be well acquainted with it.

Kaplan Books

Kaplan books have been officially approved by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. This makes it an excellent ACCA resource to refer to during your ACCA degree. The relevant books cover all concepts you will be tested on in different exams and go over them in great detail. Make sure you solve their workbook because it gives you the knowledge and understanding needed to solve papers strategically. The activities, illustrations, and depth of content of these books are designed so that the reader is ready to sit through exams by the end.

Enroll in an Institute

Lastly, enrolling in a well-known institute is the best way to study for the ACCA exams. This will be beneficial for you because institutions design their syllabus in a way that ensures all critical content is covered. This makes preparation easy because you would not have to worry about missing an important concept. Moreover, tuition centers regularly take exams and quizzes, so you are forced to study throughout the year and not only when your exams are about to approach.

You will also be able to form a better network in a proper program. This can help you create study groups. Study groups are excellent for ACCA preparation because you have fewer chances of getting stuck on a question and, in turn, losing all motivation. If you are having trouble with a question, you can always ask for help. This adds to your progress. Moreover, the peer you study with can refer you to some ACCA resources that can be a game changer for your preparation.


There are many resources that you can seek help from to study for your ACCA exams. However, the most important thing is ensuring you have the right attitude. If you are serious about passing and are ready to put in the required hard work, only then will the resources mentioned above help you succeed. The best tip we can offer is to study side by side and not leave everything for the end. Seek help from textbooks, review the specimen papers, and look at the question banks to understand what to expect. If you follow these steps, you will do great in the exams.