With the perfect option for study anywhere, anytime PAC has raised its slogan of virtual education for ACCA students. It has come forward with flexible study schedule for ACCA students in the form of online courses. These online classes enable students decide their own study pace and schedule. There are expert tutors for all ACCA subjects who know their respective subjects inside out. They help to ensure that students pass their exams with full confidence. Visit website for discovering your learning platform via PAC`s online classes.

These online classes allow you to select study options as per your schedules. All of your study requirements are duly fulfilled via these tuition classes. You just need to choose which subject you want to study with PAC. PAC means it when it says quality education. According to survey of students for online classes, majority of these were satisfied with the method of education, its quality, study material, class hours and availability of offline lectures was regarded as the highest perk. You can repeat lectures as many times as you want.

Proceed towards quality study time

Each minute will leave you learn more and more with PAC online ACCA courses. You need to sign-up for these classes. After sign up, you get access to your online portal where there are lectures and notes uploaded. This learning platform comes with interactive canvas where students can ask question and also comment in response to questions of teachers. Student collaboration is ensured via discussions and assignments.  There is comprehensive online assessment system where ACCA exams and tests are conducted. When you join PAC for your ACCA studies, you meet with the team capable of delivering success.

We know what it takes to make the difference

A good teacher is one that understands its students and makes its students understand what it teaches. All teachers for ACCA are hand-picked, expert and award-winning just like those on campus. These teachers are very much into providing online support apart from class hours to students. With themselves getting engaged in person with each student, each student gets equal attention.

​If you want to study in your flexible hours from teachers who are experienced and come with exceptional support levels, get in touch with PAC for each paper of ACCA.