ACCA is not a new certification but it is attracting more and more people due to the benefits it encompasses for its affiliates and members. It is a global certification that has its roots from United Kingdom. It is recognized worldwide by professional bodies, governments, employers, media and academic institutions. In the UK and UAE, ACCA has audit recognition. Partnerships of these ACCA qualified members are allowed progress internationally. They can accommodate themselves in any accounting culture because they are trained and educated in such a professional way to manage all. Students and members of ACCA are increasing at a faster pace over years and at this point ACCA enjoys more than 10 years while developing finance professionals. Members of ACCA are serving in more than 180 countries.


ACCA is a professional qualification and its nature demands scheduled and planned study pattern. ACCA members are highly required in industries for example consultancy, auditing, banking, taxation, legal etc. In order to help ACCA students get the best route for studying and qualifying their exams, PAC offers classes for ACCA students. There are many other institutions that offer ACCA course classes but PAC is one step ahead of all those. Not only manual but also virtual classes are arranged by PAC. You can sit in your home and still attend the classes like regular ones. Or you may attend your office and study in your leisure time. Their main campus is in Lahore but their virtual education covers students worldwide.


List would go long but following highlights describe all in a nut shell:

  • Excellent environment for learning
  • Experienced support staff
  • Experienced management
  • Renowned faculty for all classes
  • Facility to learn with connectivity and engagement
  • Whatsapp groups for each class to discuss relevant issues
  • Best facilities at the campuses including library, café, rooftop garden
  • Sessions comprising guest speakers
  • No distortion or interruption during online classes
  • Qualified faculty fully equipped with day to day syllabus changes

PAC facilitates its students both manually and virtually. Experienced teaching staff, timely response for queries, and attention to concerns of each students are the attributes that make PAC standout among all institutions for not only ACCA but also for CA, CAF and more.