There are mainly two certifications that are prevalent in the accountancy profession in Pakistan. Although there are other qualifications like ICMAP, CIMA, B.COM, M.COM, PIPFA and more but the battle between ACCA & CA continuous far above than the debates regarding other accountancy degrees and certifications. Let`s have a quick comparison between these 2 certifications:




You can attempt any number of papers as you want You can attempt as many papers as you want but within same level, Only after first level of AFC you can take papers from second level CAF. There are certain limits for taking papers as per policies of ICAP
International accounting standards are applicable International accounting standards are applicable
Passing ratio is at least 50% Passing ratio for each subject is mostly 10% to 15%
Exams are held in March, June, September and January Exams for different levels are held as per different time schedules
Easiness of joining institutes or online classes Easiness of joining institutes or online classes
Tough exam papers Toughest exam papers
No boundary for students to complete their internship Only ICAP approved firms and organizations are allowed for article ship

In Pakistan there are different scenarios with respect to CA & ACCA. CA although a local qualification is very tough as compared to ACCA. ACCA is a foreign global certification from UK. You cannot categorize either of these on the basis of being better but knowledge and expertise of CA`s are more than ACCA`s. This is due to the exposure provided to CA students in CA firms. As ICAP dominates the accountancy profession in Pakistan, CA is more in worth than ACCA. Job market for both certifications is same but CA`s are sometimes preferred.  There is great value of Pakistani CA in not only Pakistan but also abroad.

Salaries of CA persons in Pakistan are also higher as compared to ACCA certificate holders. With experience in respective fields, worth of persons increase and more experience means higher salary packages and other perks.

No matter which qualification you choose, the only key to success is your hard work.